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The Big Sur Chamber of Commerce encourages business and tourism in Big Sur.

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Marina Allocates Funds to Improve Park Access


In its April 16 meeting, the Marina City Council approved funding for improvements to beach and ocean access to the Fort Ord Dunes State Park.

Sand City Working to Expand Art Park


Sand City is seeking to acquire property adjacent to Art Park as part of that space's visioning plan.

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Toro Park, a Gem of the County Parks System, Finally Has a Place for a Pooch to Run Free.

In order to become an Eagle Scout, one of the last things a scout must do is a community service project, and what exactly that may be is largely up to the scout himself.

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Horse Lovers Ask Pebble Beach Company to Compromise in Lieu of Closing Its Equestrian Center.

Laura Fenwick rides a friend’s horse boarded at Pebble Beach Equestrian Center at least once a week, riding on 27 miles of scenic trails along the shoreline and through Del Monte Forest. She fears the magic of those rides are…

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Widening Imjin Parkway Is Impacting Plant Habitat – And Public Access to Beloved Fort Ord Trails.

Construction is underway on a project widening Imjin Parkway through Marina, changing the routines for thousands of commuters that travel from and to Salinas. But drivers aren’t the only ones impacted. Hikers and equestrians who use Fort Ord trails near…

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Pacific Grove City Council Rejects Temporary Skatepark, All but Killing the Idea.

Milo Costa may have a career in politics in about 15 or 20 years. He approached the Pacific Grove City Council podium on Wednesday, March 20, to deliver a polite and clear message with an added edge of humor. “I…

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Pacific Grove City Council Votes Again to Stop a Skatepark Project.

The Pacific Grove City Council voted 4-2 on Wednesday, March 20 to once again stop a proposed skatepark project.

Image caption: Kindergartners during recess at Redwood Heights Elementary School in Oakland.
Our Students Need More Recess

More frequent outdoor breaks can improve student attention, reduce behavior problems. Over the last decade, a growing list of U.S. states—including Missouri, Florida and New Jersey—have mandated daily recess. California joined the trend in late 2023.

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Sand City Is Trying to Create a Landmark That Will Both Define and Energize Its Core.

The vision for Sand City’s Art Park was hatched during the height of the pandemic, when the community still wanted to socialize, but also stay outside and at a distance. Whether or not the term “social distancing” will stand the…

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Fire Crews Rescue Hiker at Pinnacles National Park

SOLEDAD — Soledad Fire Department and Cal Fire BEU Pinnacles Crew 1 worked together to rescue a hiker in the western part of Pinnacles National Park on Saturday afternoon.

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Pebble Beach Company to close its century-old equestrian center after years of losing money.

The Pebble Beach Equestrian Center first opened 100 years ago, in 1924, as a basic stable to board horses owned by Pebble Beach Resorts developer Samuel F.B. Morse and other property owners.

Image caption: Sign up for a free spin through the Capitol Building and its gardens.
20 Free Things to Do in Sacramento County

Home to the state capital, Sacramento County offers many amusements for visitors and locals alike. But only some require no cash outlay.


There are more than 300 community service districts in California.
Community Services Districts, Explained
Areas that the county overlooks can form their own local governments.
The Baldwin Hills area in South Los Angeles is one region where a state conservancy would keep open land accessible to the public.
California’s 10 State Conservancies: How They Protect Parks and Open Land
Starting in 1976, the legislature began creating agencies to buy up open land, and keep it open.
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