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For 100 years, the Nevada Irrigation District (NID) has been reliably delivering high-quality water to its customers. It began as an old canal system designed to serve gold mines, and has since be transformed into a public water system serving over 25,000 homes, businesses and farms. All of NID’s water begins as snowmelt in 70,000 acres of watersheds at a high elevation. The employees then move supplies to one of 29 reservoirs, releasing water to one of six treatment plants for purification. The end result? Water suitable for both drinking and irrigation for 30,000 acres of agriculture throughout the region. NID also produces energy; it is a leader of Northern California water agencies creating and producing hydropower. Finally, NID makes the environment a priority, working on everything from fire prevention to forest meadow restoration to improving fish habitats.

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A deep dive into the history and central importance of the South Yuba Canal in delivering water to the Nevada Irrigation District.

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An update of progress in repairs to the Spaulding Powerhouse by the Nevada Irrigation District.

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PG&E reported that inspections revealed more extensive damage than previously thought, and extended the date to full repair to late summer or fall.

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Nevada Irrigation District is requesting customers reduce water usage as PG&E continues emergency repairs at the Spaulding 1 facility which are expected to be completed in June.

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A 20% water use reduction by Nevada Irrigation District customers is requested as a result of PG&E repairs which have cut off the water supply at the headwaters.

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