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Take Care Tahoe encourages residents to store traffic safety yard signs for winter

TAHOE CITY, Calf. – With winter weather on the way, Take Care Tahoe is requesting that all "Take it Slow, Tahoe" yard signs be removed and stored indoors for the winter. Over 1,000 yard signs, which were distributed to the …

Image caption: Californians continue to set clocks back every fall, and ahead each spring.
Daylight Saving Time, Explained

After a 2018 vote authorizing the state legislature to make daylight saving time year-round, Californians are still changing their clocks twice per year. How did we get here?

Image caption: A terrifying incident in which a Cruise car dragged a pedestrian who had been hit by a different car led the DMV to take the cars off the road.
State DMV and CPUC Both Pull Self-Driving Cruise Taxis From Road

A recent incident in San Francisco spurred the Department of Motor Vehicles and the California Public Utilities Commission to suspend the licenses for Cruise’s driverless cars.

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First chain control of the season in effect on I-80

TRUCKEE, Calif. – Chain controls are in effect on Interstate 80 from the Donner Lake Interchange to Kingvale in both directions. "Roads are extremely slick, so slow down and increase your following distance," a Facebook...

Image caption: Warehouse storage is just one aspect of the highly complex logistics industry that keeps supply chains running.
Logistics: the Crucial Industry You’ve Never Heard Of

Logistics is one of the largest industries in California and keeps the state economy running. But it also comes with a heavy cost to the environment. Here are the facts on the most important industry you don't know much about, …

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Truckee Town Council discusses transportation public opinion survey results

TRUCKEE, Calif. – During the Tuesday, Oct. 10 Truckee Town Council, councilmembers discussed survey results and the feasibility of renewing the transportation tax. During the public comment section, Ben Levine from Tahoe Donner's board of...

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Inaugural Lake Tahoe Electric Transportation Summit brings together agency leaders to talk solutions

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif.— The inaugural Lake Tahoe Electric Transportation Summit was held at Lake Tahoe Community College on Friday, Sept. 29, bringing together community members, business owners, and agency leaders to discuss the importance...

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Mountaineer expands for winter season

Mountaineer, which provides free, on-demand winter transportation in Olympic Valley and Alpine Meadows, will expand its operating schedule for the 2023-24 winter season. Passengers may request rides through the Mountaineer app.

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Mountaineer expands 2023-24 winter season microtransit service

Daily service in Olympic Valley and between the two valleys will be extended by 30 minutes until 11 p.m., and in Alpine Meadows, an additional day and another hour of service has been added to offer five days a week …

Image caption: With electric vehicles becoming more common, California's subsidy program is shifting to those who can least afford to buy one.
California to Focus Most Electric Car Rebates on Low-Income Buyers

Now that electric cars are mainstream, higher-income Californians will no longer qualify for state subsidies. Lower-income buyers could get up to $12,000.

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North Tahoe Community Alliance selects 17 projects to receive up to $20M in sponsorship, multi-year funding

As part of the North Tahoe Community Alliance’s Community Vitality and Economic Health Investment Program, 17 projects and programs that benefit residents, businesses and visitors in the areas of workforce housing, transportation, trails and tourism mitigation services were selected to …

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TART Connect transitions to fall schedule

TART Connect will be operating every day from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., and TART Night Service to Northstar is suspended through fall but will restart with winter service.

Image caption: In Denmark, bi-directional charging reduces the cost of owning an EV by about 40 percent.
How Electric Cars Can Boost California's Power Grid

Through bidirectional charging, owners of electric cars can sell energy to the grid or use it to power their homes. But will the technology, which is costly, become widespread?

Image caption: Caltrans has received $680,000 in federal funding to explore alternatives for reconnecting communities along the I-980 in Oakland.
Rerouting Past Wrongs

California lawmakers are exploring ways to reconnect urban neighborhoods torn asunder during the interstate highway construction boom of the 1950s and ’60s.

Image caption:
California bullet train project still lacks needed financing

California's bullet train project is still lacking enough money to complete its initial segment in the San Joaquin Valley, much less financing for a statewide system.

Image caption: Working conditions and paid time off are at the heart of a potential 2022 railroad strike.
UPDATED: Why Railroads Go On Strike: Trains Prepare to Shut Down

As California and the nation narrowly averted the first railroad strike in 30 years, here's a look at how damaging rail strikes have happened before, from the 19th century to today.

Image caption: Vision Zero aims to implement steps that would make roads safer, and stop traffic death entirely.
Vision Zero: Cities Struggle With Goal of Ending Traffic Deaths

The Vision Zero program sets a goal for California cities to eliminate traffic fatalities, but almost a decade into the effort, the goal remains distant, and horrific tragedies on the road continue to stack up.

Image caption: Action Heroes: EA promotes alternative transportation year round, not just during Bike Month.
Ecology Action’s Plan for a Greener Future

For half a century, this group has reduced waste, reimagined local transportation and redesigned buildings. It’s all part of Ecology Action’s quest for sustainability.

Image caption:
State Must Kick-Start Funding for Electric Bus Fleet Programs

Putting more electric trucks and buses on California roads will improve air quality and grow local jobs. But for many fleets, the transition to electric will require innovative policy and finance solutions to get the job done on pace with …

Image caption: Republican lawmakers stand outside the California Capitol behind traffic cones creating the numeral "100."
Get Ready For Another Gas Tax Increase

July 1 is shaping up to be a big day for California. That's when the Golden State's sky-high gas prices are set to tick up even more due to a scheduled increase to the excise tax rate, which will tack …

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