Planning Commission


• Phone: (916) 652-1840

The Planning Commission consists of five members, each appointed by one member of the Town Council and ratified by a majority vote. Appointments are made at the regular council meeting in January following an election to the council to become effective in March of that year.  Members are appointed for four-year terms.

Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Train Depot, 5775 Horseshoe Bar Road.

Commissioner Ryan DeMartini    

Commissioner Tim Onderko

Commissioner Nathan Dipillo

Commissioner Jean Wilson

Past Members

Greg Obranovich
Term ended: March 1, 2023
Mike Hogan
Term ended: March 28, 2023
Linda Kelly
Term ended: March 1, 2024
Bonnie London
Term ended: March 28, 2023
Stephanie Youngblood
Term ended: Dec. 1, 2022
Jean Wilson
Term ended: March 30, 2023
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