Treasurer-Tax Collector Phonxay Keokham


Possessing more than a decade of experience with San Joaquin County—including service as the assistant treasurer-tax collector—and more than five years of experience as a tax auditor with the California Franchise Tax Board, Phonxay Keokham was a natural choice to appoint as interim treasurer in September 2018. He made it official in the June 2018 primary, and also handily won reelection in 2022.

An Army veteran, Keokham attended high school in Stockton, as he notes on his own website. He is a certified public accountant and is responsible for overseeing a $5.3 billion investment pool for San Joaquin County, local schools, and special districts. He also manages the collection of $1.2 billion in property taxes and delinquent debts owed to San Joaquin County.

First elected: June 5, 2018

Alma maters: California State University, Stanislaus (master’s degree, business administration); Humphreys University (bachelor’s degrees, business management and accounting)

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