City Council


2060 McHenry Ave, Escalon, CA 95320

(209) 691-7400

The Escalon City Council consists of five councilmembers who are elected to four-year terms. Every two years, the council selects a new mayor and mayor pro tem. The City Council focuses on local laws and policies, and also oversees zoning and planning developments. Under the council-manager form of government, the council provides policy direction to the city manager, who is responsible for administering city operations. The council also works closely with citizen advisory commissions and committees, and receives input from city staff, interested parties and the general public. The public is invited to all council meetings and can make appointments to meet one-on-one with any councilmember.

Meetings: The council meets every first and third Monday at 7 p.m. in the Escalon City Council Chambers.
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