Visual Arts Committee


• Phone: (650) 903-6306

The seven-member Visual Arts Committee advises the City Council on city-funded public art acquisitions, programs for community involvement and education, and expansions of art activities, events and exhibits. Members also work with other local and regional organizations to foster public art in the region.

Meetings are held in the Atrium Conference Room at 500 Castro St. on the second Wednesday of the month at 6 p.m.

Member Jesse Cupp    

Member Cliff Bryant    

Member Toni Hsu    

Member Tootoo Thomson    

Member Don Whitebread    

Member Susi Merhar

Member Regina Sakols

Past Members

Kristin Bahir
Term ended: Dec. 7, 2020
Nili Helman-Caspi
Term ended: Dec. 7, 2020