Community Development Department


Department head: Aarti Shrivastava

500 Castro St, First Floor, Mountain View, CA 94041

(650) 903-6379

The Community Development Department handes a wide variety of issues related to land use, building development, neighborhood protection, economic development, and environmental policy. The staff is responsible ensuring compliance with zoning and building codes, General Plan policies, the California Environmental Quality Act, housing policies, economic development goals, and community values. The department ensures the quality of new projects through the design and development review process. The department works with the Environmental Planning Commission, the Council Neighborhoods Committee, the Downtown Committee, the Development Review Committee, the Administrative Zoning hearing, the Rental Housing Committee, and the Visual Arts Committee, in addition to establishing and maintaining communications with citizens, developers, businesses, other governmental agencies, and city departments. The department also provides technical and policy support to the city manager and other departments.

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