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WWII-Era Dump Site Found Off LA Coast


Munition boxes, depth charges and smoke floats have been found 3,000 feet underwater off the coast of Los Angeles. More than 100 square miles of ocean might be contaminated.

Snow Shortage Followed by Potential Whiteout in Sierras


Heavy snow is projected in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Previously, warmer storms had been bringing precipitation mainly to higher elevations in the Sierras.

‘Disgraceful’: San Jose Struggles with Records Law Years After Landmark Case


In the six years since San Jose made national headlines for losing a pivotal lawsuit that changed state transparency laws, the city's been sued over public records numerous times and paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to settle.

New Firefighting Device Helps Mountain View Extinguish Electric Vehicle Fires Faster, Using Less Water


Electric vehicle battery fires are known to burn hot, long and occasionally reignite. But they may have met their match with a new tool specifically designed to put out electric vehicle fires faster.

Repairing Sidewalks Can Cost Property Owners Big in California


California state law dictates that property owners are responsible for repairing damaged sidewalks. In Sacramento, this has left some owners facing bills of thousands of dollars or tax assessments from the city.

Driverless Cars Can’t Be Ticketed in SF for Speeding or Running Red Lights


San Francisco police officers have been operating for more than a year with guidance from their chief that California’s vehicle code doesn’t provide authority for them to ticket driverless cars for infractions like speeding or running red lights. Officers are still encouraged to report relevant information about incidents.

Law Goes Into Effect Blocking Guns in Many California Public Places


A law passed by the California legislature in 2023 has gone into effect banning licensed gun holders from bringing their firearms to places like playgrounds, churches and casinos. The law faces an ongoing challenge in the federal court system.

California Consumers Will Have Easier Time Getting Compensation for False Advertising Under New 2024 Law


A new law, sponsored by Attorney General Rob Bonta, will create a fund designed to fully compensate victims of false advertising or unfair competition.

American Graffiti is Back: Cruising Now Legal Again in California, But So Are Speed Cameras


Under new state laws, five cities will test cameras to catch speeding drivers and cruising bans will be lifted statewide. The first is supposed to improve road safety, but critics of the second say it will endanger the public.

Smoke Exposure From Controlled Burns Is Raising Concerns


Prescribed burns, used to limit destructive wildfires, are growing in frequency at California State Parks. But as the smoke drifts into residential areas, it’s easy to see why many Californians are concerned about the health impacts.

California Law Enforcement Heads to Idaho for Retirement


Some firefighters and police officers who worked long enough in California to earn pensions are heading to more conservative destinations like Idaho in retirement. Some of these people even run for political office in these places.

Coordinated Effort Aims to Secure Aircraft for CalFire


An effort spearheaded by the Newsom administration and congressional leaders resulted in Congress authorizing and accelerating the transfer of seven C-130 aircraft from the U.S. Coast Guard to CalFire, expanding California’s firefighting fleet.

San Jose Renters Want Better Security, Language Access


Residents from the Bella Castello and Corde Terra Senior tenants associations protested in front of ROEM Corporation’s offices in Santa Clara, calling for CEO Robert Emami to meet with them.

San Jose Scores Millions to Improve Its Most Dangerous Roads


San Jose will use $12.9 million from the Safe Streets and Roads for All grant program to add safety features to four transit corridors.

Mountain View Mailboxes Compromised by Armed Robberies, Putting Mail Carriers at Risk


Mountain View mail carriers are facing more than just the usual perils of bad weather, heavy loads and aggressive dogs. They now also have to contend with armed robbers stealing their postal keys.

Gas Leak Halts Construction, Closes Down Church Street in Mountain View


A gas leak halted construction at a Church Street residence, leading to the evacuation of workers and residents but no reported injuries, according to the Mountain View Fire Department.

SF Hits New Record for Overdose Deaths


The fentanyl epidemic has pushed San Francisco to a grim milestone: a new record for overdoses. A total 752 people overdosed in the first 11 months of this year, surpassing 2020’s record number of 726.

Santa Clara County Officials Approve Phone Line for TRUST


The greatest challenge for someone experiencing a mental health crisis is finding immediate access to care that doesn’t involve the police. A Santa Clara County program offers this option, but it's difficult to reach.

City to Release Report Clearing Becker of Abuse


The Santa Clara City Council has voted to release a full investigative report into an incident during a closed session of the council in August 2022.

Protesters Calling for Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Shut Down 110 Freeway


A group of protesters sat down with interlocked arms on the 110 Freeway near downtown LA on Dec. 13, halting southbound traffic for more than an hour. Multiple people were arrested according to the CHP.

Assembly Group on Retail Theft to Hold First Hearing


A new select committee in the California Assembly dedicated to retail theft will hold its first hearing on Dec. 19. This allows the committee to get to work before the next legislative session on an issue that’s drawn much press for California in recent years.

Here’s Why It’s Getting Harder to Buy Car Insurance in California


Californians have said they experienced added difficulty over the past year in getting car insurance. Insurer rates have gone up more than usual.

Protesters Expected Outside of Biden LA Fundraiser


A large gathering of protesters sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinian people is expected outside a fundraiser Dec. 8 in Westwood for President Biden. Police have warned that any violence won’t be tolerated.

City Council Approves More Expensive $200M Design for Mountain View's New Public Safety Building


Mountain View is pushing forward with plans to build a new public safety building that aims to serve the community for the next 50 years, with the council approving a $200 million design.

Alma Street Plagued with Vehicle Crashes Resulting in Injuries, Vehicle Damage, Road Closures


Three separate car crashes have taken place across Alma Street in less than a month, resulting in multiple injuries, damaged vehicles and temporary road closures.

Los Altos Drops Police Services Talks with Los Altos Hills


The majority of the Los Altos City Council agreed that going further in the process to determine the feasibility of such a partnership would involve too much staff time and perhaps cause more headaches when having to answer to a community with different priorities.

Sunnyvale Housing Project Scrutinized Over Health Concerns


A proposed Sunnyvale housing development may be put on hold over concerns about exposure to cancerous chemicals.

Right-Wing Takeover of SoCal School Board Stirs Angst


Students and teachers alike are decrying the actions of the Temecula Valley Unified School District board, which became conservative in majority following the recent elections of three members. The board’s actions include banning critical race theory and mandating parental notification if their child is transgender.

Stolen Blue Shield of California Data Could Hit Dark Web


Hackers stole data this week from Blue Shield of California. Historically, this type of data has sometimes wound up for sale on what’s known as the dark web, the part of the internet not typically included in search engine results.

Sewage Spill Closes Southern California Beach


Two miles of public beach were closed in Laguna Beach following a spill of 94,500 gallons of sewage. Orange County is testing water to determine when the beach will be safe to reopen.

San Jose Approves Hefty Pay Out for Public Records Lawsuit


San Jose officials have approved a $500,000 payout to San José Spotlight and the First Amendment Coalition following a public records lawsuit involving former Mayor Sam Liccardo.

San Jose Residents Want Police to Clamp Down on Noisy Neighbors


Residents in the West San Jose Starbird neighborhood are wondering why parties with loud music and strobe lights aren't shut down.


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