Planning Commission


• Phone: (831) 768-3050

The Planning Commission consists of seven members who are appointed by the City Council. This commission makes recommendations to the council after public hearings to amend or repeal plans that affect the physical development of the city, including zoning, subdivisions, public buildings, recreation and parks, streets and housing.

275 Main St, Watsonville, CA 95076

Commissioner Daniel Dodge    

Commissioner Jenni Veitch-Olson    

Commissioner Lucy Rojas

Commissioner Ed Acosta

Commissioner Martha Vega

Commissioner Brando Sencion

Commissioner Peter Radin

Past Members

Gina Cole
Term ended: Nov. 30, 2022
Veronica Dorantes-Pulido
Term ended: Dec. 30, 2022
Anna Kammer
Term ended: Nov. 30, 2022
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