Tahoe Weekly: Bears are awake; what you need to know

PUBLISHED APR 20, 2021 12:00 A.M.
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Bears get in trouble when humans aren't careful.

Bears get in trouble when humans aren't careful.   Courtesy BEAR League

Tahoe Weekly has launched a new feature it is calling “Life in Tahoe.” The first installment could be an actual life-saver, as it delivers some best-practices for preventing or managing human contact with bears.

It reports that these two slogans are essentia: “No Food & Be Mean” and “Don’t be Afraid of the Bear, Make the Bear Afraid of Me.” The article presents a list of important steps to take to avoid attracting bears, which are always hungry, and admits that it can be daunting to stay on high-alert. 

“But once you start thinking like a bear it’s easy. Pretend your stomach is attached to your nose and all you care about is eating. After a bit of practice, it will become a habit, you’ll be like the long-time locals and will rarely make a mistake (the bears will let you know if you do).”

Read “Tahoe’s bears are awake, What you need to know.”

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