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California’s Lagging Economy Hinders Efforts to Close State Budget Deficit


As Gov. Gavin Newsom and state legislators spend the next few weeks fashioning a state budget that’s plagued by a multibillion-dollar deficit, they can’t count on a booming economy to make their task easier.

How Congress Is Letting Die an Internet Connectivity Lifeline for Millions


More than half of the U.S. House supports a bill to extend the funds, but it can’t get out of committee.

Community Profile of Justin Boyd


Meet Justin Boyd, who nurtures the community with food and live music.

California's Population Increased Last Year for First Time Since 2020


During the much-ballyhooed “California exodus” amid the pandemic, remote workers moved to other states where they could live for a fraction of the cost compared to cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco.

Who Killed CA Utility Bill Legislation?


A bill to rein in a proposed monthly fee on California electric bills would let California’s largest for-profit utility companies charge customers $24 per month — with fees as low as $6 for lower-income customers — as a kind of membership fee for the power grid.

Cannabis Ordinance Consideration Halted


Citing limited staff resources and budget, El Dorado County Supervisors put a halt to staff work to amend the cannabis ordinance.

Council Presses for Annexation Support


The South Lake Tahoe City Council are ready to escalate after getting no response from ski resort ownership to a request for support of city annexation efforts.

Cannabis Revenues Grant Applications Open


The City of South Lake Tahoe is accepting applications until May 15 for grants funded from cannabis revenues for local projects which mitigate the impact of the cannabis industry.

A Plan to Change Your Utility Rates Is Dividing California Environmentalists. Here’s Why


The California Public Utilities Commission will consider on May 9 a new proposal that would change how Californians pay for electricity.

El Dorado County TOT Funds Allocated to Tahoe Basin


The El Dorado County draft budget directs $7M in Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) revenue back into the unincorporated Tahoe Basin.

PG&E Hit With $225-Million Lawsuit for 2021 Dixie Fire Damages


A coalition of timber businesses filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against the embattled Pacific Gas & Electric Co., alleging $225 million in damages caused by the 2021 Dixie Fire.

California Requires New Homes to Have Solar Panels. Should Wildfire Victims Get a Break?


A California Republican’s bill would exempt low and middle income wildfire victims from solar panels requirements on rebuilt homes that didn’t have them when they burned down.

Tahoe Chamber Seeks New CEO


The bi-state Tahoe Chamber has begun the recruitment process for a new CEO to lead the membership organization.

Business Groups and Lawmakers Battle Over Ballot Measure to Limit California Tax Increases


Anti-tax groups in California have qualified a measure for the November ballot that would make raising state and local taxes much more difficult. It’s a showdown that’s been building for nearly five decades.

Tahoe Prosperity Researching Economic Drivers


The Tahoe Prosperity Center is calling for submissions to its Project Inventory Form of projects driving innovation in sectors such as Environmental Innovation, Health and Wellness, Outdoor/Sustainable Recreation and others.

CA Budget Deal Gets Early Start on Deficit


Not filling open positions in state government, cutting a school facilities program and several climate initiatives, delaying funding for public transit — these are some of the first steps that California officials plan to take to deal with a looming multibillion-dollar budget deficit.

Local Fishing and Boat Charters Seek More Public Piers


Rising costs to access public docks and piers for passenger boarding of local fishing and boat charters are lead to requests for options before the South Lake Tahoe City Council at a recent meeting.

Salmon Populations Are Struggling, Bringing Economic Woes for California's Fishing Fleet


Captains of fishing boats on the California coast are bracing for salmon fishing to be severely restricted — or possibly canceled for a second year.

CA Fast Food Workers Get Higher Wages, but Which Ones?


According to emails obtained by CalMatters Capitol reporter Jeanne Kuang in response to a public records request, a range of employers have been trying to figure out if they must pay $20 ever since the law was signed late last September.

Tahoe Stewardship Council Names New Director


The Lake Tahoe Destination Stewardship Council announced the hiring of Meyers resident Nettie Pardue as its first managing director, tasked with coordinating 30 parters to implement the Destination Stewardship Plan.

Placerville and El Dorado County Pass Bans on New Tobacco Shops


The Placerville City Council and the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors both pass edprohibitions on new tobacco shops citing concerns around an increase in tobacco use by middle schoolers.

Tahoe/Truckee Workers Living Out of Cars


An introduction to locals living out of their vehicles and examples of municipal "safe parking programs."

Californians Face Higher Costs for Goods and Services Than Before the Pandemic Despite Inflation Slowing


The consumer price index shows services are mostly responsible for persistent inflation, but prices for food and other goods in California remain high.

California’s Fast Food Workers are Getting a Raise. But the Labor-Industry Truce is Fraying


Republicans want to scrap the law, accusing Gov. Gavin Newsom of corruption in dealings with a Panera Bread franchisee who is a major campaign donor. McDonald’s franchisees are funding a committee that is attacking Democrats who supported the law and are seeking local office in the primary.

Broadway Improvements in the Making


Placerville's Broadway corridor will see increased private development and public projects ion upcoming months.

Waymo Approved to Start Robotaxi Service in Los Angeles and San Mateo Counties.


On March 1, the California Public Utilities Commission gave approval for driverless taxi company Waymo to expand service into Los Angeles and San Mateo counties.

The Inland Empire’s Once-Unstoppable Warehousing Industry Falls Into a Slump


Logistics has been an economic lifeline for the Inland Empire for decades. Now that the industry is hitting a downturn, the region is feeling the pain.

Why Adopting Sports Gambling in California Has to Involve Tribes


When and if California legalizes sports gambling, the policy should honor the laws established in partnership with tribes decades ago, says Assemblyman James Ramos.

California Tightens Rules on Worker Exposure to Poisonous Lead


For the first time in decades, California is tightening its rules on workplace exposure to lead, a poisonous metal that can wreak havoc throughout the body.

Entrepreneurs Share Their Passion on the Divide


The mild winter has brought exciting news for the Georgetown Divide, with many local entrepreneurs opening new businesses.

Placerville City Council Gives Staff Sandwich Board Orders


As sandwich board signs proliferate along Main Street and impinge on space along narrower-than-normal sidewalks, the Placerville City Council discussed what the city could do to cut down on the clutter.

Cargo Traffic Jumped at L.A. and Long Beach Ports in January


The San Pedro ports had a busy January as they rebounded from last year’s labor troubles and picked up cargo redirected because of Suez and Panama canal troubles.


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