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Tahoe Waterman serves as “a steward of the lake and land,” and also promotes watercraft education and safety.

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After Heavy Storms, Death Valley Is Now Open to Kayakers


A temporary lake in Death Valley National Park doubled after recent rains and is now deep enough to launch a kayak. Prior to August, ghostly Lake Manly hadn’t appeared in 19 years.

Frosty Flakes


Gary Ellrod, retired NOAA Meteorologist and current senior meteorologist at Weather Extreme, explains the basics of frost, and how it forms.

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Clean Up The Lake Echo Lakes Pilot research returns positive results

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. – Clean Up The Lake, a 501(c)3 environmental nonprofit, completed their first SCUBA enabled pilot research project in Echo Lakes, California to evaluate litter accumulations and survey for aquatic invasive species (AIS). 

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About dam time; A century-plus of the Tahoe Dam

Rain and snowmelt flow down 63 tributaries into Lake Tahoe, but just one river runs out of the alpine lake — the Truckee River. But many visitors to the famed lake may not realize that 400 feet downstream sits the …

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Water Commission presents statewide strategies for protecting communities, fish and wildlife during drought

The California Water Commission today approved a white paper that contains potential strategies to protect communities and fish and wildlife in the event of drought. The white paper is in support of Water Resilience Portfolio Action 26.3, and will be …

Image caption: The legislature's own analysts blasted new state water conservation rules as too strict and largely unjustified.
California’s New Water-Saving Regs Lack 'Compelling Justifications'

Even though California faces serious water shortages, the Legislature’s analysts recommend weaker outdoor conservation requirements and longer deadlines for urban water agencies.

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First dive survey of Lake Tahoe’s lakebed finds high amounts of plastic, other litter

LAKE TAHOE, Calif./Nev. – Plastic litter is a growing problem around the world, and new research shows that the bottom of Lake Tahoe is no exception. In one of the first studies to utilize scuba divers to collect litter from …

Image caption: Ocean waves may be good for more than surfing. They may play a role in reducing California's greenhouse gas emissions.
California Looks to Ocean Waves For New Clean Energy Source

Only a few small demonstration projects off the West Coast have harnessed the power of waves and tides. Costs are high and hurdles are challenging.

Image caption: A definitive federal report says California’s economy suffers more than almost all states from the effects of climate change.
California Among Top 5 Worst Climate Change States, Report Says

California ranks among the top states suffering economic damage from climate-related disasters. The report describes food shortages, floods, droughts, wildfires, pollution, disease—all linked to climate change.

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Federal funds would boost water agency fire readiness

WASHINGTON D. C. — Last week the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation that would allocate $7.25 million to help protect water agency infrastructure in California's 3rd Congressional District against fire.

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The wrong kind of blooms: Climate change, invasive clams are fueling algae growth on Lake Tahoe

While out enjoying an afternoon on one of Lake Tahoe's sandy beaches over the past few years, you might have noticed large mats of decomposing algae washing up or floating nearby. The lake's famed blue waters are facing another threat …

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