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Tahoe Resource Conservation District protects local people, land, water, and natural resources.

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El Dorado Irrigation District Shares Some Good News

In the midst of the third year of drought, El Dorado Irrigation District announced that alpine reservoirs are at or near capacity and lake levels range from 78.6% to 100%. The Board of Directors says the current water supply will last 10 years.

(June 30, 2022) → Read the full Mountain Democrat report
Water Conservation Efforts Issued for Georgetown

The State Water Resources Control Board has issued emergency water conservation regulations in Georgetown, Cool and surrounding areas. The district will join a statewide coalition of urban water suppliers to provide further input.

(June 20, 2022) → Read the full Mountain Democrat report

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Dock and Dine: Dine by boat on the North Shore

Editor’s Note: Only locations accessible by boat this summer are featured. You’re lounging on the bow of a boat on Lake Tahoe soaking up the sun while waves gently lap against the hull. You’d be asleep except your stomach is …

Tahoe Weekly logo LOCAL NEWS
Boat, swimming safety tips for Lake Tahoe

Boating, paddling and swimming season has begun on Lake Tahoe and at other local waterways, and it’s important to practice safety and understand boating laws in the high-altitude lakes in the region. Cold water shock | The water is cold; …

Image caption: Saving water has become more crucial in California’s drought crisis.
How to Save Water: Simple Steps You Can Take

Saving water is more important than ever in California, due to the region’s worst drought conditions in 1,200 years. Here are some steps you can take to help.

Image caption: With drought getting worse, California needs to increase water use efficiency.
How California Can Increase Water Savings By 30 Percent

California can increase water savings in urban and suburban areas by 30 to 48 percent using nothing but existing technology, a new report from the Pacific Institute says.

Image caption: A new report is sharply critical of California's laws and rules for granting water rights.
Bringing California Water Laws Into the Future

California’s outdated water rights laws have failed to account for the effects of climate change, says a new expert report, which makes some strong recommendations.

Tahoe Weekly logo LOCAL NEWS
Help Save Our Snow: Tahoe’s snowpack threatened by climate change

STORY BY UC DAVIS TERC The UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center (TERC) has partnered with Palisades Tahoe and Protect Our Winters on an educational campaign to increase public awareness and understanding of the negative effects of climate change to …

Tahoe Weekly logo LOCAL NEWS
Tahoe crushes December record for snow

A new December all-time record for snowfall at the Central Sierra Snow Lab on Donner Summit measured 202.1” inches, which smashed the previous record of 179 inches of snow in December 1970. Light, intermittent snow showers will continue on Dec. …

Image caption: There are more than 300 community service districts in California.
Community Services Districts, Explained

Community service districts can do most anything a city government can do. Here’s how they work and how to start one.

Image caption: Water remains one of the most precious commodities in El Dorado County.
El Dorado County Water Districts, Explained

Since Gold Rush Days, water has been the driving force in El Dorado County life. Here’s how the water system works, and how it has developed over the years.

Image caption: Salt is a key ingredient to maintaining safe roads in snowy climes.
Putting Tahoe on a Low-Salt Diet

Comstock’s reporter Jennifer Junghans learns about some innovative solutions to the problem of ice on winter roads.

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