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Sustainable Salinas is a nonprofit organization that advocates for the environment and educates the public on sustainability while conserving water.

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Regulator Authorizes Cal Am to Purchase Future Water Supply

The current Pure Water Monterey project delivered to Cal Am 3,500 acre-feet of water and an additional 173 acre-feet into reserves, according to the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District.

(Dec. 2, 2022) → Read the full Monterey Herald report
Drying California Lake to Get Drought Funding

The federal government will spend $250 million over four years on environmental cleanup and restoration work around the Salton Sea, which is fed by the depleted Colorado River.

(Nov. 29, 2022) → Read the full Monterey Herald report

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Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute’s New Chapter

Among several projects in the works, MBARI is retiring its largest research vessel to make way for a new ship

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What’s really at stake in the water wars?

Sara Rubin here. In 1995, Bill Clinton was in his second year as president, Pixar produced Toy Story (the first fully computer-animated feature film), and a NATO offensive ended war in Bosnia. It was also the year that the California…

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The future of the Peninsula’s water supply comes before two state boards next week.

Thursday, Nov. 17 is shaping up to be a momentous day for the future of the Monterey Peninsula’s water supply, as two major state boards – the California Coastal Commission and the California Public Utilities Commission – are set to…

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Warning signs remain at Lake San Antonio due to toxic algae

BRADLEY — Monterey County Public Works, Facilities and Parks is reminding the community and visitors that warning signs remain posted at Lake San Antonio due to toxic blue-green algae. Early last month, water samples showed lake water contained cyanotoxins, toxins …

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A judge recommends approving Pure Water Monterey expansion, in what could change the water landscape.

The future water supply of the Monterey Peninsula got a big boost Sept. 30 when Anne Simon, an administrative law judge appointed by the California Public Utilities Commission, issued a proposed decision that, if approved by the CPUC next month,…

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The debate over Cal Am’s desalination plant returns to center stage.

Although the debate over desalination as a water supply has been an ongoing fight across the Monterey Peninsula for the better part of the 21st century, the issue was pushed to the collective backburner over the last two years as…

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Cal Am’s desalination application deemed ready for a Coastal Commission vote, possibly by year's end.

After initially turning away California American Water’s application for its controversial desalination plant as incomplete, the state commission said Friday that the water utility had filled the gaps in its application. The proposal is clear to go in front of…

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Peninsula's water district makes leap in Cal Am buyout, could make offer by mid-January

Growing impatient with the crop of political and legal obstacles in its way, the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District’s board of directors unanimously voted Aug. 15 to step on the accelerator in carrying out the voter-supported effort to buy out…

Image caption: Increasing water recycling is one way to increase the state's water supply, a new report says.
Newsom’s New Drought Strategy: Create More Water

Gov. Newsom's calls to reduce water consumption to combat the ongoing drought have fallen short. His new approach? Add more water to the California's supply. A new state report details how to achieve that.

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