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Monterey County Water Overview

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The Ventana Chapter, founded over 50 years ago by Ansel Adams, protects 127 miles of coastline, hundreds of thousands of acres of wild lands and the region’s dwindling water supplies.

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Mono Lake Advocates Demand State Stop Sending Lake’s Water to L.A.


Environmentalists say it’s past time for California water officials to halt Los Angeles’ diversion of Mono Lake’s tributaries. But L.A. officials insist that water is a tiny but vital part of the city’s water supply.

California Unlikely to Run Short of Electricity This Summer


California regulators say the state is unlikely to run short of electricity this summer, thanks to new power sources and a wet winter that filled reservoirs to restart hydroelectric power plants shuttered during the drought.

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Image caption: California’s 1,000 megawatts of power from the Colorado River’s Hoover Dam have been in jeopardy.
California To Cut Colorado River Water Use

California will cut use of water from the Colorado River drastically under a new agreement announced by the Biden Administration on May 22. Nevada and Arizona have also agreed to the cuts.

Image caption: Gary Gragg examines buds on one of the mango plants he's growing in the Sacramento Valley.
Mangoes and Agave in the Central Valley?

The future of farming in California is changing as the planet warms, altering the rain and heat patterns that guide which crops are grown where. “We’re adjusting for survival,” one grower said.

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Migrant students from South Monterey County participate in Watershed Guardians project

SALINAS VALLEY — Migrant students from Gonzales, Soledad, Greenfield and King City high schools recently participated in a three-day adventure in citizen science through the Watershed Guardians project, sponsored by the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History. The Watershed Guardians …

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A stormwater capture and recycling project takes shape at Lake El Estero in Monterey.

As winter rains caused Monterey County’s rivers to swell past capacity and rush out to the sea, people began asking: Isn’t there a way to catch and reuse all that water? That’s what Monterey is preparing to do through a…

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Algae blooms occurring at Lake San Antonio

MONTEREY COUNTY — Lake San Antonio staff is reporting cyanobacteria blooms occurring at multiple locations near the south shore of the lake in southern Monterey County. Out of an abundance of caution, since it is not currently known if the …

Image caption: From nitrates to arsenic to “forever chemicals,” California’s water supply faces a serious pollution threat.
Dirty Water: California Faces a Water Contamination Crisis

Almost one million California residents are forced to drink from contaminated water supplies, or pay for bottled water. Economic inequality makes the crisis worse. What is the state doing to fix it?

Image caption: MarĂ­a Ramos hands cash to an Indigenous farm worker in Pajaro after a levee failure flooded the town.
Powered By Locals

When the Pajaro River flooded, nonprofit groups stepped up first to help victims. And they’ll keep helping, even after media coverage fades away.

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FEMA is finally on the ground near Pajaro -- but questions remain over the rollout of flood aid.

On Thursday, April 6, Karen Marcos keeps a watchful eye on her young daughter on the steps of the Watsonville Veterans Memorial Building while her husband is inside, seeking relief from the floods that have upended their lives.

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Floodplain restoration projects on the Carmel River hold promise to protect against future floods.

David Schmalz here, still alive after kayaking down the last five-or-so miles of the Carmel River on Saturday with two friends, one of whom had to bail early on after her inflatable kayak was punctured. That happened right by a…

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Monterey County Water Resources Agency hires Ara Azhderian as general manager.

For the last few months, since the retirement of former Monterey County Water Resources Agency general manager Brent Buche, Lew Bauman has taken on the role on an interim basis until Buche's replacement could be hired.

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