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As Monterey County continues to grow, government polices on the use of land are under the vigilant eye of LandWatch, whose mission is to encourage development that betters the local economy and increases agricultural productivity, environmental health, and social equity—i.e., avoid urban sprawl, gridlock and erosion.

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YIMBYs Endorse California Forever


On June 19, California YIMBY announced support for the California Forever project going to the Solano County ballot in November.

Environmental Groups Appeal Sites Reservoir Ruling


A new round of litigation began when environmental groups opposed to the Sites reservoir in Colusa County filed an appeal on a ruling which dismissed their suit seeking to halt the project from proceeding.

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Land Use Watchdogs Sue the City of Seaside Over Its 2040 General Plan.

Yet again, the City of Seaside finds itself embroiled in a lawsuit over its attempts to develop the former Fort Ord, just over a week after City Council finalized an $850,000 settlement with Sacramento-based developer Paul Petrovich regarding his attempt…

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King City Beautification Week Kicks Off This Weekend

KING CITY — King City’s Beautification Week is just around the corner, and residents and businesses are urged to pick a project to beautify the town.

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Greenfield Company Receives $877K for Renewable Energy Production

GREENFIELD — Greenfield Market and Gas Inc. will receive $877,500 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to help create infrastructure for the sale and production of renewable fuels.

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The Board of Supervisors Weigh in on the County's Overdue Housing Plan in a Rush to Get It to the State.

Under pressure to stay within California Department of Housing and Community Development's good graces, the Monterey County Board of Supervisors got their shot at reviewing the county's 2023-2031 housing plan on Tuesday, June 11, lopping off potentially troublesome sites for…

Monterey County Weekly logo LOCAL NEWS
The Bicycling Community Weighs in as City of Monterey Considers Making a New 135-Acre Park.

On April 1, the City of Monterey sent out a press release stating its intent to turn the 135-acre Old Capitol site off Highway 1 into a dinosaur amusement park.

Monterey County Weekly logo LOCAL NEWS
The Monterey County Planning Commission Gets Another Swing at a Problematic Housing Plan.

Within a week after the Monterey County Department of Housing and Community Development released its draft 2023-2031 Housing Element – a plan for adding more state-mandated housing units to the unincorporated areas of the county – critics were crying foul.…

Monterey County Weekly logo LOCAL NEWS
A North County Housing Case Inches Through the Criminal and Civil Court Process.

North County-based Ruvalcaba Nursery is a staple at farmers markets in nearby Watsonville and beyond, where owner Ana Ruvalcaba stands surrounded by colorful flowers as she peddles her wares.

Salinas Valley Tribune logo LOCAL NEWS
Salinas Valley Fair Unveils Renovated Expo Building

SALINAS VALLEY — Salinas Valley Fair has announced the completion of the extensive renovation of the Expo Building, marking a new chapter in its storied history.

Monterey County Weekly logo LOCAL NEWS
As Seaside Stumbles Through Trying to Develop Its Fort Ord Property, Liability Keeps Cropping Up.

The City of Seaside has long wrestled with questions about how best to grow, which is something that, to some extent, it must do: Back in the 1990s, when Fort Ord shut down, local municipalities accepted thousands of acres from…


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