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First Community Housing creates, develops, constructs, and manages affordable housing for individuals in San Jose and San Francisco Bay Area.

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Housing High-Rise Proposed for Downtown San Jose


A 28-story mixed use high-rise has been proposed for downtown San Jose on East Santa Clara Street.

Cupertino Housing Element Approved


The California Department of Housing and Community Development has approved the City of Cupertino’s Housing Element, which outlines the number of units and locations of new housing to be built in the city.

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San Jose Spotlight logo LOCAL NEWS
San Jose Homeless Housing Planned for Sobrato Land

A homeless housing project is coming to South San Jose, and city officials want to clear the area of unsheltered encampments before it's built.
The San Jose City Council this month unanimously approved a 10-year lease for $1 annually from …

San Jose Inside logo LOCAL NEWS
Santa Clara County Hears Overwhelming Support for Sargent Ranch Open Space

More than 10,000 comments submitted to the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors voice concerns about proposed open-pit mine at Juristac’s sacred tribal land.

San Jose Spotlight logo LOCAL NEWS
Los Gatos Eases Pole Requirement for Developments

Los Gatos’ famous poles with orange netting and flags are a thing of the past on some development projects in town.
The Los Gatos Town Council on Tuesday voted 3-2 to formalize revisions to its height pole and netting policy …

San Jose Spotlight logo LOCAL NEWS
Santa Clara County to Study Ban on Artificial Turf

Santa Clara County may need an abundance of lawn mowers if artificial turf is banned on public playing fields.
The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday voted 3-2 to study the ramifications of artificial turf on county land, …

San Jose Spotlight logo LOCAL NEWS
Cupertino’s Blueprint for Housing Close to Approval

Cupertino is inches away from securing approval of its state-mandated housing plan more than a year past the deadline — and following a legal battle due to its noncompliance.
Cupertino’s housing plan has received the state’s stamp of approval on …

Gilroy Dispatch logo LOCAL NEWS
Gourmet Alley Work Begins

Construction began this week on the City of Gilroy’s grant-funded makeover of Gourmet Alley in the downtown, and some business and property owners are concerned about the possible impact the work will have on their operations. 

San Jose Spotlight logo LOCAL NEWS
Cupertino Is a Pickleball Desert for Players

Cupertino pickleballers are fed up with having to share city courts with tennis players — but a solution might be coming.
The Cupertino City Council unanimously approved a plan this month that includes eight pickleball courts in Memorial Park’s conceptual …

San Jose Spotlight logo LOCAL NEWS
Cupertino Hotels Face More Delays

Cupertino officials had hoped to see revenues funneling in from two hotels — instead they found themselves approving permit extensions.
The Cupertino City Council on Wednesday unanimously extended the development timeline for two upscale hotels by three years, due to …

San Jose Spotlight logo LOCAL NEWS
Campbell Plans Housing Along Major Roadways

Even though Campbell has failed to meet its housing requirements over the years, this time around the city plans to construct thousands of new homes in its growing community.
The Campbell City Council on Tuesday unanimously agreed to rezone sections …

San Jose Spotlight logo LOCAL NEWS
Santa Clara County Cities Are Failing to Hit Housing Goals

Nearly all the cities in Santa Clara County — including San Jose — are moving so slow in meeting state housing goals that hitting the numbers looks like a pipe dream, a data analysis by San José Spotlight shows.
Every …


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