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Monterey County Public Safety Articles

Image caption: The O Lot Safe Sleeping site at Balboa Park in San Diego on March 22, 2024.
Is San Diego Homeless Camp Ban ‘Successful’?

A new bill would make it illegal for homeless residents to camp in certain places, such as near schools, throughout California. Its authors say such a ban has had great success in San Diego. But a closer look at that …

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Highway 1 Convoys to Big Sur Are Canceled for Saturday, April 13, Due to Weather.

Access to and from northern Big Sur continues on guided convoys at 7am and 5pm daily to allow vehicles through a closure at Notley's Landing. The highway is closed to regular traffic due to a slip-out on Saturday, March 30,…

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Bat Tests Positive for Rabies in Toro Park

SALINAS — A bat found on April 2 near Toro Creek Road, in the Toro Park area of unincorporated Monterey County, has tested positive for the rabies virus.

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Group Sues County and State Over Use of Pesticides Near Schools.

A lawsuit filed April 4 against farms and county and state agencies allege that the approval of pesticide use near three schools in North Monterey County is disproportionately harming those who live and work in the area.

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Highway 1 Closure Could Jeopardize the Big Sur Marathon.

The closure of Highway 1 in Big Sur north of the Rocky Creek Bridge has thrown the Big Sur International Marathon, scheduled for Sunday, April 28, into jeopardy.

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Highway 1 Convoys to Continue for Residential Access to Big Sur, Depending on the Weather.

After calls came in from passing motorists, Caltrans officials arrived on Saturday afternoon, March 30, to find a chunk of Highway 1 missing from the road just south of Rocky Creek Bridge. They implemented a hard closure of the highway…

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Seaside’s Second Fire Station Takes a Step Toward Construction With Environmental Documents.

When it was built in the 1970s, Seaside’s fire station on Broadway Avenue was situated in a central location, allowing for even response times to all areas of the city.

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Missing Hiker Caroline Meister Is Found Dead at the Base of a Waterfall in the Ventana Wilderness.

After a three-and-a-half-day search, the Monterey County Sheriff's Office announced that search-and-rescue teams located the body of a missing hiker at the base of a waterfall in the Ventana Wilderness. Caroline Meister's remains were located around 10:45am Friday, March 22,…

Salinas Valley Tribune logo LOCAL NEWS
New Alert and Warning System Enhances Safety for Monterey County Residents

MONTEREY COUNTY — Monterey County’s Department of Emergency Management has announced the implementation of a cutting-edge Alert and Warning System designed to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents.

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Community Network Meeting Focuses on Youth Safety and Well-Being in South Monterey County

SALINAS VALLEY — Vista Verde Middle School in Greenfield recently hosted a community network meeting aimed at fostering a nurturing and safe environment for local youth, families and communities across South Monterey County.

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Seaside City Council Votes to Put 'Safe and Sane' Fireworks on the Ballot.

Fireworks have long been a polarizing issue in Seaside—some people love them, some people loathe them.

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Flash Flooding Damages Homes in North Monterey County.

For a good part of the year, many stream beds in the region contain just a trickle of water, or nothing at all. Rainfall this season has swelled many water bodies. But an unusually intense and stationary thunderstorm brought flash…

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Fire Crews Rescue Hiker at Pinnacles National Park

SOLEDAD — Soledad Fire Department and Cal Fire BEU Pinnacles Crew 1 worked together to rescue a hiker in the western part of Pinnacles National Park on Saturday afternoon.

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New fire station addresses critical need in Southern Monterey County

LOCKWOOD — In response to a longstanding need for improved emergency services in rural Southern Monterey County, a new fire station has emerged in Lockwood.

Image caption: Inadvertently, the beloved Muppet Elmo called attention to the mental health dangers of being too heavily online.
Lawmakers Now Calling for Regulation of Social Media

Lawmakers in California and other states are now making attempts to prevent the reported harms to children caused by social media platforms. The U.S. Senate got into the act as well, at a dramatic Jan. 31 hearing.

Image caption: A new law seeks to prevent cars from speeding, which causes about one of every three traffic fatalities.
If Drivers Won’t Slow Down, Proposed Law Requires Cars Do It for Them

“Intelligent” speed-limiting technology will be required in all new California cars starting in 2027, if a new law authored by San Francisco Senator Scott Wiener passes.

Image caption: Under a new law, homeless people in San Mateo County can be criminally charged for refusing to move to a shelter.
Should Homelessness be a Crime? New San Mateo County Law Allows Charges

In San Mateo County, a new law allows police to charge homeless people with criminal offenses if they don’t accept shelter. SCOTUS will soon weigh in with a potential landmark decision in an Oregon case.

Image caption: Los Angeles voters can take a step toward reducing traffic violence with a measure on the March ballot.
Can Traffic Deaths in Los Angeles be Reduced With a Ballot Measure?

With traffic deaths now regularly topping 300 per year, Measure HLA on the March 5 ballot gives Los Angeles voters the opportunity to force their reluctant city to implement new traffic safety measures.

Image caption: California traffic deaths dropped by 12 percent in the first three months of 2023, but road fatalities remain at crisis levels.
Death on the Roads: Traffic Fatality Crisis Far From Over

As the COVID pandemic eased, so did the epidemic of death on the road. Somewhat. But the ongoing crisis of traffic fatalities remains at high levels with early numbers form 2023 appearing to top 4,000 in California.

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