Picture of Lou Ceci

Councilmember Lou Ceci


(650) 426-8734


Lou Ceci understands small-town government. He was raised primarily by his mother in small Midwestern towns, and his father—who was also a part of his life—served as a justice on Wisconsin's Supreme Court.

He also has an incredibly diverse educational background, including degrees in speech education, performance studies, and computer science. This allows him to bring multiple perspectives and experiences into the job of serving the people of Nevada City. Having done everything from designing Skype interfaces to teaching high school, he is community driven.

If you are a Nevada City local, you might have seen Ceci competing as a master’s swimmer, or performing in one of Sierra Stage’s live musical theater productions. He focused his campaign on a few local issues, including wildfire concern, water conservation, and the housing crisis. Now as an official member of the council, he continues to move initiatives forward, while also supporting the arts and local business.

Ceci looks forward to representing the whole of Nevada City. As he stated on his official campaign website, “A council member cannot represent a particular political party, or demographic group, or special interest. A council member must represent the whole town: young, old, renters, home owners, well-off, and struggling.”

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