Treasurer - Tax Collector - Public Administrator Melinda Casillas


Longtime resident Melinda Casillas had worked for the county for nearly two decades, including five years as the budget officer in the administrative office, before she ran for office. As the budget officer, she compiled and monitored the county’s annual budget, was involved in labor negotiations, and assisted the auditor’s office with its accounting requirements.

In 2018, Casillas decided to run for county office. “I’ve worked with the tax collector and treasurer’s office for many years,” Casillas told San Benito Live. “When Mary Lou [Andrade, the former treasurer] decided she wasn’t going to run again, I thought that was a pretty natural fit to move into that office.”

Casillas was reelected in June 2022.

First elected: June 5, 2018

Alma mater: California State University, Fresno (bachelor’s degree in accounting)

Notable quote: “My goal is to strengthen communications between all the agencies and the treasurer’s and auditor’s offices,” Casillas said. “Part of my strength is I know the players and what to be looking for because I’ve been involved in the fiscal management of the county for the last 20 years.” (Source:

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