Sheriff-Coroner Eric Taylor


Eric Taylor was appointed by the San Benito County Board of Supervisors to fill out the term of Sheriff Darren Thompson, who retired on June 25, 2021. Taylor will complete the term to which Thompson was elected, which runs until January 2023. He won the June 2022 primary, and so will continue serving for another term.

The 16th sheriff of the county, Taylor said at his swearing-in ceremony that he understands it is his responsibility to enforce all laws passed by legislation and not “pick and choose” which laws to enforce. Taylor was quoted by on his commmitment to the 14th Admendment, which assures equal protection under the law: “For an elected official to choose what to enforce based on personal or political beliefs, I would submit to you that it is unconstitutional. I swear and affirm to this community we will enforce laws without bias, without regard to social status, religion or any other protection afforded by law.”

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