The third largest city in California with a population of 1,013,400 in 2020, San Jose is also the tenth-largest city in the United States. And it’s one of the most prosperous (according to the Brookings Institution’s Metro Monitor 2020), but that doesn’t translate to a population that lacks economic and ethnic diversity. The city sprawls across 176.57 square miles, represented by councilmembers in 10 different districts. To help residents connect in their own areas, the city government offers a map with listings of local neighborhood and business associations.

Image for City of San Jose City Council

City Council

San Jose’s 10 city council members each represent a district, the borders of which are adjusted after every US census.

Image for City of San Jose Arts Commission

Arts Commission

The arts commission provides support for local arts as well as cultural celebrations, public art, education, etc. Its 11 members are appointed by the City Council.

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Frank Fiscalini, a devoted family man and a San Jose community leader who served in many roles from school districts to City Hall, died at 101 years old.

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Bright blue tarp covered every other row in the San Jose City Council chambers, reducing seating by half, when the city learned through social media that residents were rallying for a ceasefire resolution over the Israel-Hamas war.

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As Santa Clara County grapples with growing numbers of deaths from overdoses of fentanyl and other opioids, the Behavioral Health Services Department is deploying a comprehensive set of initiatives to prevent overdose deaths in local communities, says a press release from the county.

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Now nearly a year late, San Jose is hoping its mandated housing plan is no longer a dollar short in the eyes of state officials.

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Environmentalists are urging San Jose leaders to reconsider plans for a new cemetery in Coyote Valley, claiming it will harm large swaths of natural habitats. 
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