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Happy 5th Anniversary to our friends at Sacramento Digs Gardening!

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Santa Clara County Agriculture & Gardening Overview

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The California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom educates young people about the importance of the agricultural industry and its significance to the state.

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San Jose Collects Fees But Is Slow to Replace Trees


Roughly $1.1 million will be paid by two developers to replace several hundred trees that will be ripped up to make way for their industrial developments. But critics worry the city can’t replace its lost trees fast enough.

Santa Clara County Fairgrounds Plans Plod Ahead


Plans to revamp the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds into a sports and recreation facility have been progressing for more than a year, but it's unclear when shovels will hit the ground.

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Image caption: Gary Gragg examines buds on one of the mango plants he's growing in the Sacramento Valley.
Mangoes and Agave in the Central Valley?

The future of farming in California is changing as the planet warms, altering the rain and heat patterns that guide which crops are grown where. “We’re adjusting for survival,” one grower said.

Image caption: They help feed the whole country, but life for California’s farm workers remains a struggle.
How California Feeds the Country

California stands as America’s agricultural powerhouse, growing half of its fruits and vegetables. Here’s how California farming has shaped the state, from the early missions to today’s “factories in the field.”

Image caption:
Setting the Table

Before foodies and food porn came California cuisine. These 10 people helped create a movement that celebrated dishes that are local, seasonal and sustainable.

Image caption: Archtitectural rendering of the design for the Alice Waters Institute for Edible Education.
Alice Waters at Aggie Square

The Alice Waters Institute for Edible Education will serve as one of the anchor tenants for the $1.2 billion project in Sacramento.

Image caption: For many years, chef Alice Waters has taught young people about the importance of sustainable eating. Now she’s building a new place of learning in Sacramento.
Interview With Alice Waters

The renowned Chez Panisse chef believes we’ve lost our connection to nature—and we’re afraid. She wants to help fix that.

Image caption: DWR’s report on groundwater sustainability plans was illustrated with this photograph of a wheat field irrigated by groundwater in the southern San Joaquin Valley.
DWR Flushes Six Groundwater Plans

The San Joaquin Valley plans, serving low-income Latino communities, were deemed inadequate for preventing dry wells and sinking land.

Image caption: Fresh and dried fruit, wine, nuts and more can be found at Casa De Fruta, a venerable stop for drivers traversing Pacheco Pass.
Roadside Attractions

California is the top agricultural producer in the U.S., and a top beneficiary of visitor spending. So naturally, we’ve got fun, food-driven tourist magnets.

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Mushroom fest returns with big changes for 2023

The Morgan Hill Mushroom Mardi Gras festival—which has raised and awarded more than $1.5 million in scholarships during its 41-year tenure—will see some big changes for 2023, including a name change, admission fees and extensive safety upgrades, according to event …

Image caption: Dairy products are California’s top agricultural commodity, but the industry is often criticized for its impact on the environment.
Sustainable Sustenance

California is a leading producer of agricultural crops. So it’s not surprising to find cutting-edge ideas taking root here.

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The Bracero Legacy Rooted in California Agriculture

Stanford’s Cecil H. Green Library exudes an Ivy League elegance. Art-deco pendulum chandeliers hang from vaulted ceilings, casting spotlights. Lacquered wood-paneled bookcases line the perimeter of the great room, which is so large that it never seems like anyone else …


Dairy products are California’s top agricultural commodity, but the industry is often criticized for its impact on the environment.
Sustainable Sustenance
Greener ways to feed the world’s growing population
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