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The San Jose Downtown Association promotes awareness of the city core to residents of San Jose and the Santa Clara County. Information and resources revolving around educational materials, services, activities, and cultural programs are available to the public. The SJDA encourages cultural diversity and access to free events, programs, and concerts.

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14-year-old Student Pens Fantasy Novel, Now Working on Trilogy


Gilroy resident L.J. Hardwicke began her novel writing career in fifth grade when her mom gave her a Chromebook laptop to record her ideas.

The One Thing Reporters and Members Must Fight For


Journalism and democracy are undeniably intertwined. As the late media critic James Carey put it, “No journalism, no democracy; but, equally, no democracy, no journalism.”

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Publishing in Paradise

Based in California’s most iconic vacation spot, Katherine Hill celebrates Tahoe Guide’s 42nd birthday.

Image caption: If there’s one thing Donald Trump supporters hate more than “liberal” San Francisco, it’s Taylor Swift. So they’re now 49ers fans for the Super Bowl.
Taylor Swift Has San Francisco-Hating Trump Fans Rooting for the ’49ers

Taylor Swift is so hated by fans of Donald Trump, they’ve set aside their hatred of San Francisco to root for the ’49ers in the Super Bowl, because Swift’s boyfriend plays for their opponents, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Image caption: Inadvertently, the beloved Muppet Elmo called attention to the mental health dangers of being too heavily online.
Lawmakers Now Calling for Regulation of Social Media

Lawmakers in California and other states are now making attempts to prevent the reported harms to children caused by social media platforms. The U.S. Senate got into the act as well, at a dramatic Jan. 31 hearing.

Image caption: The version of Mickey Mouse seen in the 1928 animated short “Steamboat Willie” is now free for public use.
Mickey Mouse Enters Public Domain. What That Means for California

Disney icon Mickey Mouse is now in the public domain, meaning anyone can create their own Mickey Mouse cartoons. Here’s what that means, and how it could affect the California economy.

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