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Santa Clara Settles Lawsuit With 49ers

Santa Clara and the San Francisco 49ers have settled their last outstanding lawsuit after years of conflict, taking a step toward reconciliation.
The settlement will generate $20 million for Santa Clara over the next two years through changes to the …

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Morgan Hill Vice Mayor Among Bay Area Group Visiting China

Multiple city leaders from the Bay Area were in the Chinese city of Chongqing on May 19 as part of a weeklong trip intended to foster investment, business and tourism exchanges between China and cities in Northern California.

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San Jose Cannabis Dispensary Opens in Downtown

San Jose has opened its first ever retail storefront for cannabis in the heart of downtown.
For years the city had strict rules on where dispensaries could operate, relegating them to industrial areas. Last year the City Council revised regulations …

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Newsom Hopes to Delay Minimum Wage Boost for Health Care Workers

A higher minimum wage for health care workers that Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law is set to take effect in two weeks, but he is racing to delay it because of its potential impact on the state budget deficit.

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San Jose Sharks Tout Financial Benefits to City as Lease Set to Expire

The San Jose Sharks' SAP Center lease with the city is expiring next year, and the terms will be changing — opening the door for negotiations with both parties.
Next year the city, which owns the arena, can hike the …

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San Jose to Crack Down on Illicit Drugs in Smoke Shops

San Jose smoke shops will soon be monitored more closely by the city for unregulated drugs due to a new permitting system.
The San Jose City Council unanimously voted Tuesday to require an additional permit for smoke shops in the …

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Health Plan Set to Open New Resource Center in Gilroy

Santa Clara Family Health Plan this week announced the purchase of a building for its future Community Resource Center in South Santa Clara County.

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City of Morgan Hill Will Host May 30 Economic Mobility Symposium

The City of Morgan Hill recently embarked on an “Economic Mobility Study” to better understand the community's needs and address existing disparities in housing and access to opportunity, says a press release from the city.

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Old-School Advocates Preserve California Cannabis History

The movement to legalize cannabis began in earnest in the ’60s and ’70s, and California was at the epicenter of it all the way up until the passage of Prop. 64, which legalized weed for adult use. The fight continues, …

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Silicon Valley Pro-Palestinian Protesters Disrupt Google Conference

Protesters wearing shirts with fake blood lined the streets of Google’s Mountain View headquarters this morning during one of its largest conferences, demanding the Bay Area tech giant divest from projects that support Palestinian genocide.
The peaceful protest drew roughly …

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Silicon Valley Deluged by Health Care Workers’ Labor Fights

A wave of labor disputes is hitting Silicon Valley’s overburdened hospitals as health care workers reach their breaking point with pay and working conditions.
Resident physicians working in county hospitals are protesting for higher wages in front of Santa Clara …

Image caption: A screenshot from “Modern Times” (1936), Charlie Chaplin’s meditation on the vicissitudes of labor.
For May Day: A Temp Worker’s Oddest Jobs

They were odd jobs, but somebody had to do them. On International Workers’ Day, one peripatetic laborer shares his career lowlights.

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Kaiser Doctors in Silicon Valley Move to Unionize

Frontline physicians at Kaiser Permanente in Santa Clara County plan to unionize, and are the last Northern California group within the giant private hospital system to make the move.
More than 400 resident and fellow physicians across the Northern California …

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San Jose Chamber CEO Wants to Build Inclusive Community

The new leader of a once-powerful San Jose business group is determined to rebuild the organization after years of controversy.
Bay Area native Leah Toeniskoetter began her role as CEO of the San Jose Chamber of Commerce in January. She …

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Santa Clara County Nurses Threaten a Second Walkout

Thousands of nurses across Santa Clara County’s strained and overburdened public hospital system may go on strike again — just weeks after taking to the picket line.
Contract negotiations between county management and leaders with the Registered Nurses Professional Association …

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Gourmet Alley Work Begins

Construction began this week on the City of Gilroy’s grant-funded makeover of Gourmet Alley in the downtown, and some business and property owners are concerned about the possible impact the work will have on their operations. 

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Santa Clara County Gives Few Contracts to Minority-Owned Businesses

A study of Santa Clara County’s public contracts shows only a fraction goes to small, local businesses.
The county launched a vendor disparity study in 2022 to examine the number of minority-owned businesses that won public contracts between July 2016 …

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Cupertino Hotels Face More Delays

Cupertino officials had hoped to see revenues funneling in from two hotels — instead they found themselves approving permit extensions.
The Cupertino City Council on Wednesday unanimously extended the development timeline for two upscale hotels by three years, due to …

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Nurses Go on Strike at Saint Louise, County Hospitals

Hundreds of nurses who work at Saint Louise Regional Hospital are on strike, joining the picket line with their colleagues represented by the Registered Nurses Professional Association. The healthcare workers are protesting alleged unfair labor practices exhibited by their employer, …

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Will San Jose Council Lose Its Labor Majority?

Progressive and labor-friendly politicians have enjoyed a majority on the San Jose City Council for the past two years, but the November elections may flip the balance.
Formidable business-backed candidates advanced in every council race during the March 5 primaries, …


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