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Los Gatos Eases Pole Requirement for Developments

Los Gatos’ famous poles with orange netting and flags are a thing of the past on some development projects in town.
The Los Gatos Town Council on Tuesday voted 3-2 to formalize revisions to its height pole and netting policy …

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Cupertino’s Blueprint for Housing Close to Approval

Cupertino is inches away from securing approval of its state-mandated housing plan more than a year past the deadline — and following a legal battle due to its noncompliance.
Cupertino’s housing plan has received the state’s stamp of approval on …

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State Finds San Jose Lacks Accountability With Homeless Spending

San Jose has until September to formulate a succinct plan on how it will address homelessness and begin publicly reporting spending data, according to an audit requested by a local legislator.
The California State Auditor has published its findings and …

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Campbell Plans Housing Along Major Roadways

Even though Campbell has failed to meet its housing requirements over the years, this time around the city plans to construct thousands of new homes in its growing community.
The Campbell City Council on Tuesday unanimously agreed to rezone sections …

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Santa Clara County Cities Are Failing to Hit Housing Goals

Nearly all the cities in Santa Clara County — including San Jose — are moving so slow in meeting state housing goals that hitting the numbers looks like a pipe dream, a data analysis by San José Spotlight shows.
Every …

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Controversial Housing Law Could Get a Makeover

Some of California’s top lawmakers want to clear up, but also rein in, the “builder’s remedy.”

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Milpitas Launches Rent Relief Program for Local Workers

Some Milpitas residents are about to get a break on rent, as the city pushes to address the affordability crisis.
Milpitas’ workforce rent relief program will give up to 50 households $645 a month to help supplement rent for up …

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San Jose Program to Build Backyard Homes Is Thriving

Hundreds of granny units are popping up everywhere in San Jose due to a successful city program implemented five years ago.
The city has issued nearly 3,000 permits and seen 1,451 granny units, also known as backyard homes or accessory …

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San Jose Adopts Landmark Policy to Stop Displacement

A long-awaited landmark policy will preserve housing specifically for residents at risk of displacement in hopes of keeping them in San Jose.
The San Jose City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved the first policy in the city to give tenant …

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Cupertino Spent Affordable Housing Funds on Lawsuit

Cupertino is scrambling to fix what city officials are calling an “accounting error” after discovering more than $100,000 in affordable housing dollars went to pay off fees from a housing lawsuit, drawing backlash from residents in a time of fiscal …

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San Jose Officials Say Large Homeless Shelters Are Obsolete

Two San Jose councilmembers have an ambitious plan to house thousands of the city's homeless residents — but some of their colleagues say it will move the city backwards.
Councilmembers Bien Doan and Arjun Batra have proposed a pilot program …

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Sunnyvale to Accelerate Its Housing Growth

Santa Clara County’s second largest city just got its housing plans approved by the state, kickstarting 45 programs to increase development and put a dent in the housing crisis.
After three rounds of review by the state’s Department of Housing …

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Homeless Nonprofit to Stop Running Sunnyvale Shelter

One of Santa Clara County’s largest homeless service providers is stepping back from operating a 145-bed shelter in North County.
HomeFirst will stop operating the North County Shelter in Sunnyvale by the end of June, passing shelter operations to another …

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San Jose Leaders Want Budget to Focus on Housing, Homelessness

San Jose officials have a daunting task of balancing the budget as they attempt to preserve city services with a $52.1 million shortfall.
The San Jose City Council unanimously approved Mayor Matt Mahan’s March budget message on Tuesday, but not …

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Santa Clara County May Fund Safe Parking for Homeless Residents

Santa Clara County officials may help finance San Jose’s multimillion-dollar safe parking efforts and set up more sites on unused public property for the region's homeless residents.
The Board of Supervisors unanimously agreed on Tuesday to look into both possibilities …

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San Jose Suits Up to Fight Mold at Future Homeless Housing Site

A development site for homeless residents in South San Jose is blanketed in blue tarps to get rid of mold from months of neglect.
After San José Spotlight broke the story on Sunday about pre-built homes arriving unfinished and in …

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Campbell Warehouse Approved After Resident Appeal Falls Flat

A Campbell warehouse project is moving forward in a small industrial section of the city, despite neighbors’ insistence that it will create an eyesore in their backyards.
The Campbell City Council last Tuesday voted 3-2 to deny an appeal for …

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Housing for San Jose Homeless Residents Is a ‘Big Mess’

A multimillion-dollar project to put homeless people in pre-built housing — that San Jose officials championed as cheap and revolutionary — is delayed due to homes arriving unfinished.
The $70-million three-story modular housing project that San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan …

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San Jose ranks among best places to live in U.S.

San Jose has been named one of the best places to live for quality of life, and some are asking how that happened.
The U.S. News and World Report ranking for the 25 best places to live puts San Jose …

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Santa Clara County can’t keep up with housing its homeless residents

For every one Santa Clara County household that was housed in 2023, nearly two households became homeless, a recent report reveals.
Approximately 4,297 new households experienced homelessness for the first time last year, according to the county’s year-end analysis of …

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