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California Announces San Jose Will Receive 200 Tiny Homes to Ease Homelessness

Tiny homes from the state will help the City of San Jose reach Mayor Matt Mahan’s ambitious goal of sheltering 1,000 unhoused residents by the end of the year.

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Supervisors Act on Affordable Housing, Confident of Progress

The board approved more funds for senior housing, a land swap for supportive housing in Cupertino, an investment into rental assistance with seven non-profits, a new housing development in Milpitas and more affordable housing in Mountain View, some specifically for …

Image caption: The future of malls looks like one where the rich get richer while lower-end malls simply die out.
Mall Culture and the American Dream

Shopping malls revolutionized how Americans shopped, socialized, and lived. Now, malls face an uncertain future. How did the dream of a new town square go so wrong?

Image caption: Suburbia has become a defining feature of the California landscape. But what does the word really mean?
How the Suburbs Shaped America, and California Shaped the Suburbs

America has become a mostly suburban country, and California is known for its sprawling ’burbs. But what is a suburb? It turns out California may not be as suburban as people believe.

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State: Los Gatos has more soul-searching to do on Housing Element

While it wasn’t as scathing as it could have been, the long-awaited review from California's top housing agency found Los Gatos’ Draft Housing Element does not pass muster, as its strides toward addressing the income and racial disparities don’t go …

Image caption: Explaining California is hard work! But at California Local, we were up for it throughout 2022.
Explaining California in 2022: Our 10 Best Explainers of the Year

2022 was a year that needed a lot of explaining. And California Local was there. Here are our 10 most important explanatory journalism stories from the year gone by, from immigration to cryptocurrency to wealth inequality and more.

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City Council Adds ‘Quick-Build’ Housing Units To Reach 2022 Goal

The expansion of the quick-build communities increases the total number of units to reach the city’s goal of 1,000 units completed or under development by the end of 2022.

Image caption: Businessman and Republican activist Howard Jarvis was the main advocate for Prop 13 in the 1970s.
How Prop 13 Drives Economic and Racial Inequality

Proposition 13, the popular tax reform law passed in 1978, has driven increases in economic inequality and racial wealth disparities in California. Here’s how.

Image caption: The Jackson Avenue Townhomes will be fixed with solar panels and electric vehicle charging stations, and should be fully operational by April 2024, the County said.
Measure A will fund 242 new apartments, 14 townhomes in Santa Clara County

The newly approved homes include 36 housing units in San José—12 rentals and 14 townhomes.

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SB9 rules: Los Gatos introduces permanent lot-split ordinance

The Los Gatos Town Council introduced an ordinance Nov. 1 that would guide the development of lot-split housing, a type of project that’s been mandated by Sacramento in a bid to solve the affordability crisis. The permanent plan to address …

Image caption: Owning homes is the primary way the middle class builds wealth, and an option no longer available to most Californians.
Is California’s Housing Crisis Making Inequality Worse?

California has some of the worst economic inequality in the United States. Is the housing crisis a cause?

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Town settles on sites to target for residential development

Los Gatos submitted its draft Housing Element plan, which sets out how the Town plans to grow the number of residential units in the community, to State officials Oct. 14. While the Housing Element approach to urban planning has been …

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Referendum throws wrench into Los Gatos’ housing plans

Despite Town Council having already decided on how much housing to plan for when it passed the 2040 General Plan earlier this year, an organization pushing for slow growth had managed to get a couple key parts of it put …

Image caption: The state's housing crisis drags on, but 2 new laws aim to ease the dire situation.
SB 6 and AB 2011: 2 New Bills Try to Turn the Tide on Housing Crisis

In an attempt to slow California's housing crisis, Gov. Gavin Newsom signs pair of bills, SB 6 and AB 2011, that will allow development where now-closed businesses once stood, without rezoning those areas for residential projects.

Image caption: Dogs and cats will no longer be subject to cruel toxicity testing in California, under a new law.
California’s New Slate of Animal Welfare Laws

New laws banning toxicity testing on dogs and cats, and making rental housing more pet friendly are among a slate of new animal welfare legislation signed by Gov. Newsom in September.

Image caption: It may not seem like it, but California has too many parking spaces.
New Housing and Climate Law Cuts Back on Parking Spaces

There's too much parking! Why a new law, AB 2097, cutting back on parking space requirements in new housing and business developments could be a game changer for the climate, and the housing crisis.

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Properties on the move from commercial to residential

Two major housing projects in the works in Morgan Hill are proposed on land that has long been classified for commercial use.  The developments are both in the planning stages on the north side of town, and together would add …

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Newsom Identifies New State-owned Sites Where Affordable Housing Can Be Built

The governor also signed six climate bills into law, including one that keeps the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant to stay open until 2030.

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Los Gatos Approves Four-Condo Development

After a “public hearing” that didn’t attract any public commenters, Planning Commission approved a four-condo development that staff had initially recommended against, July 27. It almost didn’t even happen, as 10 minutes into the meeting the applicant hadn’t shown up …

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Council OK’s Housing Project With Conditions

The Gilroy City Council approved a single-family housing project at the intersection of West Sixth and Princevalle streets on Aug. 1, with the condition that the developer work to address neighbors’ concerns. Warmington Residential proposed 19 two-story single-family homes on …


Owning homes is the primary way the middle class builds wealth, and an option no longer available to most Californians.
Is California’s Housing Crisis Making Inequality Worse?
California has some of the worst economic inequality in the United States. Is housing a cause? Could it be a cure?

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