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The Law Foundation of Silicon Valley advances the rights and well-being of the under-represented through high-quality legal services and strategic advocacy.

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Santa Clara County Selects Developer for Teacher Housing Project


The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors selected Eden Housing to develop affordable housing for teachers in the West Valley. It will be built in Cupertino on a property currently owned by Apple.

Cupertino Greenlights Housing Development at Former Vallco Mall


After facing cutbacks and years of delays, the largest single housing project in Cupertino's history has secured approval for the Rise, a mixed-use development that will include 2,669 apartments and homes.

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Image caption: Mark Oden was among the thousands of chronically homeless people helped by Sacramento Self-Help Housing prior to the organization’s failure.
The Collapse of Sacramento Self-Help Housing

A once-groundbreaking nonprofit working with chronically homeless people in California’s capital closed and filed for bankruptcy in 2023.

Image caption: Does California’s signature environmental law protect the state’s scenic beauty, or cause more problems than it solves?
CEQA: The Surprising Story of CA’s Key Environmental Law

The California Environmental Quality Act, CEQA, is both the state’s signature environmental legislation, and is also often named as the villain in the state’s housing shortage. But the story may not be that simple.

Image caption:
Silicon Valley Billionaires vs. Bay Area’s Housing Crisis?

In NYT’s “The Farmers Had What the Billionaires Wanted,” we meet a man who wants to build a city in the middle of nowhere, and folks who are slowing him down.

Image caption: As residents continue to exit California, the state’s political power at the national level is at risk.
California Exodus, Housing and the State's Political Future

The California housing crisis is not only weakening the state politically at the national level, it could shift the political balance in Washington, D.C., as Republican-led states add population while California’s exodus continues.

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Down Payment for First-time CA Homebuyers Relaunches with New Lottery

State officials hope the Dream for All lottery and an emphasis on first-generation homebuyers will make California’s most generous down payment assistance program more equitable.

Image caption: The roundabout joining Highway 12 and State Route 113 in Rio Vista, just south of the site for a proposed new city of 400,000 people.
Solano County May Get to Vote on New City in November

California Forever, the company behind a proposed new city in Solano County, will submit a ballot measure seeking an exemption from local laws to allow development on the massive project to proceed.

Image caption: "Impact fees" add thousands to the cost of building new housing. The Supreme Court could end them.
SCOTUS Hears California Case That Could Make it Cheaper to Build Housing

The highest court in the land will soon decide how much leeway cities and counties have in offsetting new construction with fees to pay for infrastructure.

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Supreme Court to Rule on Power of CA Cities, Counties to Impose Infrastructure Fees on Home Builders

The El Dorado County case before the state's highest court about impact fees could have huge consequences for new housing construction in California.

Image caption: Only one city in California guarantees tenants access to a lawyer when they face eviction.
For Tenants Facing Eviction, Lawyer Makes All the Difference

San Francisco provides all tenants facing eviction access to an attorney. Across the Bay, in Contra Costa County, it’s a different story. Two tenants’ stories show the difference a lawyer can make.


Owning homes is the primary way the middle class builds wealth, and an option no longer available to most Californians.
Is California’s Housing Crisis Making Inequality Worse?
California has some of the worst economic inequality in the United States. Is housing a cause? Could it be a cure?
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