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The Monterey Bay Economic Partnership, a nonprofit membership organization which consists of public and private businesses, educational institutions, and other non-profits, aims to improve the region’s economy and quality of life by creating new jobs and business opportunities.

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Monterey County Moves Ahead on Vacation Rental Policy

Monterey County officials took a step toward updating the vacation rental policy for unincorporated parts of the county and will hold a Sept. 19 at 1 p.m. for the environmental analysis of draft ordinances to create regulations for short-term rentals.

(Sept. 14, 2022) → Read the full Monterey Herald report
Construction Begins on Affordable Housing Project in Marina

Construction started recently on an affordable housing project in The Dunes area of southern Marina that will add 140 apartments to the region as soon as 2024.

(Aug. 17, 2022) → Read the full Monterey Herald report

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Image caption: It may not seem like it, but California has too many parking spaces.
New Housing and Climate Law Cuts Back on Parking Spaces

There's too much parking! Why a new law, AB 2097, cutting back on parking space requirements in new housing and business developments could be a game changer for the climate, and the housing crisis.

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When it comes to getting a home built in Monterey County, it’s good to be king—or, a knight.

While the housing crisis continues to deepen, there is one set of people seemingly immune to the local constraints of building a new home: the mega-rich.

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The Housing Authority takes action to secure increases in rent payments on two fronts.

Renters who qualify for federal housing vouchers because they are considered very low-income, elderly or disabled, understand the frustrating conundrum of HUD fair-market rent calculations versus real-world rents. This year, the HUD two-bedroom fair market rent for Monterey County is…

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Walden Monterey is finally poised to sell lots to ecology-minded buyers with millions to spend.

In 2018, the Walden Monterey housing development had its debut, touting simplified living among a 600-acre oak forest off Highway 68, in the tradition of 19th-century poet and philosopher Henry David Thoreau. Unlike Thoreau, who used lumber from the land…

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The pandemic-era eviction protections are over, leaving tenants to fend for themselves.

Following multiple deadline extensions and years of assistance amid the spread of the coronavirus, July 1 marked the end of pandemic-era eviction protections for tenants across California. The change opened those who had been impacted by the pandemic and could…

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A new movement is growing to build affordable housing on church properties.

When Gallup began polling Americans in 1937 about belonging to a house of worship, 73 percent answered “yes.” It hovered around 70 percent for six decades, until it began falling around 1990. Last year, just 47 percent said yes. With…

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Cash and services are being offered to landlords to accept tenants they once wouldn’t consider.

Of the many layers of the housing crisis, one layer – barriers to renting such as a past history of homelessness, poor credit history or a criminal record – has proved to be a vexing challenge to renters and the…

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Two cities crying foul over housing target numbers are appealing to a regional agency.

At approximately 347 acres, tiny Sand City doesn’t have much room to spare. That there is nearly an acre of land for each of its 372 residents is deceiving. The tiny town is hemmed in by protected coastal zone habitat…

Image caption: Thousands of homeowners have been kicked off their fire insurance policies.
California Fire Insurance Crisis: How the State Helps Homeowners

As California insurance companies have revoked the fire policies of thousands of homeowners, the state has taken steps to get them covered again.

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Carmel tells vacation-home sharing company to cease and desist, calling it a timeshare.

San Francisco based-company Pacaso calls what it does “co-ownership, simplified.” The company, which launched in 2020, purchases single-family homes in destinations where second homes are popular, sells shares from one-eighth to half to people who want vacation homes for less…

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