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San Benito County Community Services Development Corporation works steadfastly with local, state and federal agencies to find affordable housing for low- to moderate-income residents of the county.

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Draft of Regional Housing Allocation Plan Released for Public Review

Council of San Benito County Governments directors voted unanimously to approve the public release of the draft Regional Housing Needs Assessment allocation plan for a 45-day review period.

(July 28, 2022) → Read the full Benito Link report
State Bill Requires Removal of ‘Racial Covenants’ From Property Records

Under a new state law, counties must purge property records of language that once banned people of color from buying homes. While the covenants were made unenforceable in 1948, racial justice advocates say the law confronts the state’s history of discrimination.

(July 5, 2022) → Read the full Santa Cruz County Sentinel report

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Image caption: Thousands of homeowners have been kicked off their fire insurance policies.
California Fire Insurance Crisis: How the State Helps Homeowners

As California insurance companies have revoked the fire policies of thousands of homeowners, the state has taken steps to get them covered again.

Image caption:
You Could Be a Joint Homeowner–With the State

Much has been made about the persistent disagreement between Gov. Gavin Newsom and state lawmakers over how to put money back in the pockets of Californians reeling from high gas prices and the rising cost of living, but what about …

Image caption: An affordable housing complex being built in Santa Cruz County.
A Real Solution to the Housing Crisis

Gov. Newsom and the state legislature should consider allocating $40 billion of the state's $97 billion surplus to subsidize the building of low-income housing.

Image caption: WaPo called Sacramento "the capital of Blue State America," and said the city “mirrors how much of the state, as well as many major cities across the coastal West, are feeling about the worsening humanitarian crisis."
'Washington Post' Details Sacramento Homeless Crisis

The 'Washington Post' descends on the "capital of Blue State America" to expose the ongoing homeless crisis in Sacramento.

Image caption: Seemingly minor code violations can cost struggling homeowners thousands.
Code Violations and ‘Excessive Fines’: Californians Battle Cities

Code violations, even after they're fixed, can cost struggling homeowners their homes. Some have seen fees and fines into the six figures even after repairs. Here are some of the horror stories. But what can be done about it?

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Land-use initiative supporters turn focus to 2024

Organizers of a statewide land-use initiative, which includes the support of some South Valley officials, announced Feb. 18 that they are now eyeing the 2024 ballot. The “Our Neighborhood Voices” initiative seeks to amend the California Constitution to allow local …

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County approves more homes, plans for embattled Santana Ranch

The developer of the Santana Ranch neighborhood recently gained permission to build more homes off Fairview Road, even though the embattled project is behind on its affordable housing requirements spelled out in a nearly 11-year-old agreement with the county. The …

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County, cities begin planning for 5,000-plus new homes

San Benito County and the cities of Hollister and San Juan Bautista need to plan to build up to 5,005 new homes from 2023 to 2031—more than three times the number of houses permitted locally in the last eight years. …

Image caption: SB 35 aims to make it easier for developers to build projects that include significant amounts of affordable housing units.
SB35, California’s Key Affordable Housing Law, Explained

SB 35 is one of California’s most important affordable housing laws. Here’s what it does, and a look at how well it’s working.

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Getting to Yes

In which we ponder how to make things better in a climate of no.

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