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Santa Clara County Housing Digest

Housing High-Rise Proposed for Downtown San Jose


A 28-story mixed use high-rise has been proposed for downtown San Jose on East Santa Clara Street.

Cupertino Housing Element Approved


The California Department of Housing and Community Development has approved the City of Cupertino’s Housing Element, which outlines the number of units and locations of new housing to be built in the city.

Board Votes to Advance Housing Project


The Palo Alto Architectural Review Board voted to approve plans for a four-story apartment building project on University Avenue.

Milpitas Approves Apartments


In its April 16 meeting, the Milpitas City Council approved a development project to build 118 affordable apartment units at 1300 South Main Street.

Palo Alto Backs Off ‘Historic’ Designations


Homeowner protest results in Palo Alto dropping plans to expand "historic" structure designations.

Palo Alto Submits New Housing Plan


In their April 15 meeting, the Palo Alto City Council approved a proposal for a new Housing Element plan to build 6,086 homes by 2031, to be submitted to the state.

Palo Alto Resubmits Housing Element Plan


After being rejected twice by the California Department of Housing and Community Development, the Palo Alto City Council is set to consider and vote on a new Housing Element plan.

Questions About Teacher Housing Project


The Planning Commission considering a 44 unit Palo Alto teacher housing development in the Ventura neighborhood remains unconvinced as to tenant affordability.

Mountain View Considers Increased Density


In its April 9 meeting, the Mountain View City Council considered changes in the R3 zoning regulations to promote housing density and growth in designated areas.

These Californians Just Got Protection From Big Rent Hikes


Tenants in many new privately owned, low-income units will be protected from double-digit increases. So will some in existing units, after a state committee on affordable housing imposed a rent cap.

New Affordable Housing Development Planned for San Joes


A San Jose-based modular apartment firm is teaming up with a South Korean real estate company to build 700+ units of affordable housing to a 3.2 acre site at 7 Topgolf Drive in north San Jose.

Homeless Tiny Home Site to Expand


Planning is underway to expand the homeless tiny home facility at 5898 Rue Ferrari in South San Jose with an additional 124 beds, a laundry area and community center.

Los Altos to Raise Fees


The Los Altos City Council approved a new fee schedule for building, engineering and planning services after discovering it had been undercharging by up to $1.9M annually.

Mountain Winery Hotel and Housing Development Proposed


The owners of Mountain Winery are seeking to develop a boutique hotel and 255 units of housing on the Saratoga property.

Mountain View Residents Cite Noise at Community Meeting


A meeting of Mountain View residents living near Whisman Station and the VTA was held to resolve complaints of loud ringing of bells and horns.

El Camino Real Precise Plan Zoning Amended to Allow Emergency Shelters


The Mountain View City Council unanimously voted to approve zoning changes permitting emergency shelters in residential areas of the El Camino Real Precise Plan.

Landslide on Mountain Charlie Road Limits Access


Hundreds of residents in the Santa Cruz Mountains are facing limited access in and out of the area due to a creeping landslide affecting Mountain Charley Road.

Palo Alto Mayor Touts $52M for Affordable Housing Since 2017


Mayer Greer Stone says the city is committed to building 6,000 homes over the next decade, including downtown on California Avenue and in other areas.

Menlo Park Housing Development Proposed


Alliant Strategic Development has applied to build 88 apartments at the site of the former Flood School in Menlo Park at 321 Sheridan Drive.

San Jose Mayor Mahan Supports Anti-Displacement Ordinance


San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan is adding his support for a local ordinance drafted to assist low-income tenants in San Jose remain in their neighborhoods.

Office Tower to Housing Project Underway


A permit application has been filed to convert the historic Bank of Italy office tower in San Jose to 100+ units of housing.

Silicon Valley Communities See Some Homes Selling for %20 Over Asking Price


Realtors report a hot Silicon Valley housing market in Sunnyvale, Cupertino and Mountain View.

Silicon Valley Mayors’ Breakfast Roundtable on Affordable Housing, Transportation


The mayors from Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Cupertino and Milpitas participated in a roundtable discussion about issues affecting their cities, including transportation and affordable housing.

New Website Features Information on Care of Backyard Chickens, Sheep, Goats


The University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources advisors has published a new website with information resources for small acreage landowners raising livestock.

Redevelopment Plans Proceed for Buena Vista Mobile Home Park


Plans for redeveloping the park at 3980 El Camino Real in Palo Alto calls for dividing the park into two sections, with a proposed a61-unit apartment building in one and coaches and RVs in the other.

Guide to the California Senate Candidates' Views of Housing and Homelessness


No issue matters more to Californians than housing and homelessness. Catch up on where the major Senate candidates stand on the subject.

Five-story Affordable Housing Project Breaks Ground in Mountain View


Construction is beginning on a much-anticipated five-story development for low-income residents at the corner of Shoreline Boulevard and Montecito Avenue.

Santa Clara County Selects Developer for Teacher Housing Project


The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors selected Eden Housing to develop affordable housing for teachers in the West Valley. It will be built in Cupertino on a property currently owned by Apple.

Cupertino Greenlights Housing Development at Former Vallco Mall


After facing cutbacks and years of delays, the largest single housing project in Cupertino's history has secured approval for the Rise, a mixed-use development that will include 2,669 apartments and homes.

Campbell Plans Affordable Apartments at VTA Station


The 1.6-acre project will turn an parking lot at the Winchester light rail station into 90 affordable apartments for residents making 60% or less of Santa Clara County’s median income.

Robocalls, Ringless Voicemails and AI: Real Estate Enters the Age of Automation


As agents hunt for business in Southern California's slow real estate market, some are trying out new ways of tracking down leads. Others are quitting the industry.

How Much Can Your Rent Go Up in California? Check This Website


California Atty. Gen. Rob Bonta announced consumer tools to help tenants and landlords understand how much rent can rise under a state law.


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