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Step Forward Foundation provides free limited-scope court services to low-income communities in the areas of immigration, family and employment. The non-profit works with survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking, and victims of workplace crimes.

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Why Does California Elect Local Judges?


Of all the races on your ballot, the least information is often available on local judges. Here are some ways to find out more about these candidates.

Santa Clara Political Ads Pulled After Flubbing Endorsements


Proponents of Santa Clara’s Measure B have removed a series of Facebook and digital ads that wrongfully portrayed former police chiefs’ positions on the measure.

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City Takes Tougher Stance on Stolen Catalytic Converters

The newly approved measure is expected to strengthen laws prohibiting the illegal possession of catalytic converters, marked or unmarked, and will enact stricter fines.

Image caption: A new law seeks to prevent cars from speeding, which causes about one of every three traffic fatalities.
If Drivers Won’t Slow Down, Proposed Law Requires Cars Do It for Them

“Intelligent” speed-limiting technology will be required in all new California cars starting in 2027, if a new law authored by San Francisco Senator Scott Wiener passes.

Image caption: Under a new law, homeless people in San Mateo County can be criminally charged for refusing to move to a shelter.
Should Homelessness be a Crime? New San Mateo County Law Allows Charges

In San Mateo County, a new law allows police to charge homeless people with criminal offenses if they don’t accept shelter. SCOTUS will soon weigh in with a potential landmark decision in an Oregon case.

Image caption: California traffic deaths dropped by 12 percent in the first three months of 2023, but road fatalities remain at crisis levels.
Death on the Roads: Traffic Fatality Crisis Far From Over

As the COVID pandemic eased, so did the epidemic of death on the road. Somewhat. But the ongoing crisis of traffic fatalities remains at high levels with early numbers form 2023 appearing to top 4,000 in California.

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SJ Police Chief Mata Retires to Take Job with DA

The city praised Anthony Mata for his 28 years of service with the city, listing as his accomplishments the department’s first strategic plan, increased diversity through the sworn officer ranks and managing police reform initiatives.

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San Jose Police Arrest Five Suspects in East San Jose for Illegal Gambling, Prostitution

In December, San Jose Special Operations METRO Unit Officers learned that a commercial property in the 2400 block of Autumnvale Drive housed an illegal gambling establishment that also offered illegal drugs and prostitution.

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