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Kidpower is a global nonprofit organization that focuses on “People Safety.” It educates the community on interpersonal and social safety skills. Working closely with the media, Kidpower promotes its research program on personal safety.

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Should California Doctors Report Domestic Abuse to Police? Here’s How Physician Lawmakers Voted


Pending legislation would lift requirements for California’s doctors to report all domestic abuse cases to police. The Assembly’s three physicians had different opinions.

Metal Detectors, Fear, Frustration. College Commencements Altered Amid Gaza War Protests


At many universities across the country, graduation for the Class of 2024 will feel more like making it through airport security than a procession through a free-flowing campus green or a cheering stadium crowd.

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Santa Clara County Open to Tasers Despite Drop in Uses of Force

Santa Clara County leaders may equip sheriff’s deputies with Tasers as uses of force trend downward.
The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday voted 4-1 — with President Susan Ellenberg opposed — to explore implementing Tasers for deputies at a smaller …

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San Jose to Install First Speeding Cameras in Late 2025

Local law enforcement will not have access to the camera footage to support criminal investigations, because regulations strictly prohibit the use of the cameras for anything but enforcing speed limits.

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Advocates Want a Say in Choosing San Jose Police Chief

San Jose leaders could select a new police chief by September. But before they do, some advocates are urging them to speak with families who lost loved ones to police shootings.
The city has mounted a monthslong public outreach effort …

Image caption: The California mental health crisis is tied to both homelessness and rising crime.
UPDATE: California’s Mental Health Crisis: How We Got Here

How the California mental health crisis emerged out of the state’s history of deinstitutionalization and laws designed to protect the mentally ill, as well as the communities around them.

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SJ Police Union Defends Action of Mayor’s Bodyguard, Criticizes NAACP Leader

One day after the downtown altercation, NAACP chapter President Rev. Jethroe Moore sent an email to acting Police Chief Paul Joseph critical of the arrest of the alleged attacker.

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Domestic Violence Cases Overwhelm Silicon Valley Prosecutors

Santa Clara County is experiencing a surge of domestic violence cases, spreading county prosecutors thin and holding up court hearings at a time when a looming budget deficit will cut District Attorney resources.
The DA’s office has pulled prosecutors from …

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San José Mayor and Council Appoint New Independent Police Auditor After Nationwide Search

Eddie Aubrey, currently working with the Richmond Police Department, has been investigating police misconduct since 2016

San Jose Spotlight logo LOCAL NEWS
Milpitas Police Launch Transparency Website

Milpitas residents can review police data on crimes and other incidents with the launch of a new digital dashboard.
The city's police information dashboard came online Friday. It houses crime data, the department’s annual reports and officer misconduct information. Residents …

San Jose Spotlight logo LOCAL NEWS
San Jose Names New Independent Police Auditor

San Jose has appointed a new independent police watchdog after months of scandal and instability plagued the office responsible for investigating officer malfeasance.
Eddie Aubrey, who heads the office of professional accountability for the Richmond Police Department, is taking his …

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Santa Clara County DA Seeks to Resentence Death Row Inmates to Life Without Parole

Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen is moving to eliminate the county’s death row, looking to sentence the 15 local men still sitting on it to serve life in prison without the chance of parole instead, according to an …


California cities switch to more inclusive, district-based elections system.
Voting Rights...the Final Frontier
Pushed by activists, cities move from at-large elections to district races.
Access to abortion in California is limited in many areas, though state laws protect a woman’s right to choose.
Abortion Rights in California, Explained
But even in California, access to abortion services in many areas remains limited.
The California mental health crisis is tied to both homelessness and rising crime.
UPDATE: California’s Mental Health Crisis: How We Got Here
The making of Gov. Newsom's plan to help get mentally ill Californians into treatment.
The cycle of crime and homelessness is escalating, but it doesn't have to be that way.
Homelessness and Crime in California: Even More Complex Than You Think
What causes the cycle of homelessness and crime, and how to stop it.
The California Supreme Court has defined the state’s legal and political agenda for more than 170 years.
How the California Supreme Court Blazes Legal Trails
From its beginnings in the Gold Rush, the state Supreme Court continues to define the state today.
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