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SURJ is a national network of groups and individuals who fight against white supremacy and racial discrimination. The organization connects people through community outreach, with multiple chapters active across California and the United States.

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California Says ICE Detainees Have Labor Rights. They Earn $1 a Day Scrubbing Bathrooms


California failed to ban private detention centers. Now, it’s focusing on their working conditions, for immigrants who toil for $1 a day.

California Sent a Mentally Ill Man to a State Hospital. Then It Charged Him $760,000


California State Hospitals can bill patients for the care they receive during confinement. The charges often run in the tens of thousands of dollars, putting vulnerable people in debt for years.

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A Data Breach Comes to Clinica De Salud and the FBI Warns Health Care Organizations Are a Target.

Clinica de Salud del Valle de Salinas fell victim to a cybersecurity attack on March 11, and on May 1, a team of experts hired by Clinica determined that “certain data was accessed or acquired,” prompting officials with the nonprofit…

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Salinas’ Search for Its Next Police Chief Begins in Earnest for the Second Time This Year.

Salinas’ new City Manager Rene Mendez inherited a city with a number of leadership positions being filled by interim roles – chief among them at the police department.

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A North County Housing Case Inches Through the Criminal and Civil Court Process.

North County-based Ruvalcaba Nursery is a staple at farmers markets in nearby Watsonville and beyond, where owner Ana Ruvalcaba stands surrounded by colorful flowers as she peddles her wares.

Image caption: The California mental health crisis is tied to both homelessness and rising crime.
UPDATE: California’s Mental Health Crisis: How We Got Here

How the California mental health crisis emerged out of the state’s history of deinstitutionalization and laws designed to protect the mentally ill, as well as the communities around them.

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Monterey County Superior Court Announces Retirement of Judge Anderson

MONTEREY COUNTY — Monterey County Superior Court Presiding Judge Carrie Panetta has announced the retirement of Judge Marla Anderson, effective April 30, after nearly 30 years of service on the Monterey County Superior Court.

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Military Ordnance Found in Soledad Prompts Evacuation, Bomb Squad Response

SOLEDAD — Officers from the Soledad Police Department were responding to a call for service on April 15 when they were notified of a potential threat to the community — a possible bomb in the bed of a nearby truck.

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Monterey County Civil Grand Jury Seeks Jurors for 2024-25 Term

MONTEREY COUNTY — Many residents have never heard of a Civil Grand Jury, or if they have, they know little about its purpose. In California, a Civil Grand Jury is required in each of the 58 counties.

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Monterey County DA’s Office Warns Against Rental Property Scams

MONTEREY COUNTY — Monterey County District Attorney’s Office is alerting Monterey County residents and visitors that an increase in scams have affected renters and properties for rent.

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Opinions clash in Carmel over whether to renovate or replace the town’s police station.

Fans of home renovation shows know it happens sometimes: a homeowner wants to renovate and then – surprise – the house is in such bad shape it might make more sense to tear it down and start over.

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After a one year search Marina appoints Randy Hopkins as new police chief.

On Tuesday, Jan. 30 the City of Marina announced Randy Hopkins as its new police chief.


California cities switch to more inclusive, district-based elections system.
Voting Rights...the Final Frontier
Pushed by activists, cities move from at-large elections to district races.
Access to abortion in California is limited in many areas, though state laws protect a woman’s right to choose.
Abortion Rights in California, Explained
But even in California, access to abortion services in many areas remains limited.
The California mental health crisis is tied to both homelessness and rising crime.
UPDATE: California’s Mental Health Crisis: How We Got Here
The making of Gov. Newsom's plan to help get mentally ill Californians into treatment.
The cycle of crime and homelessness is escalating, but it doesn't have to be that way.
Homelessness and Crime in California: Even More Complex Than You Think
What causes the cycle of homelessness and crime, and how to stop it.
The California Supreme Court has defined the state’s legal and political agenda for more than 170 years.
How the California Supreme Court Blazes Legal Trails
From its beginnings in the Gold Rush, the state Supreme Court continues to define the state today.
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