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‘Public Interest Media' Funding Bill Advances

SB 911 would provide $50M in public funding for journalism in California. It is heading to the state Senate floor with outside support still tepid.

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Who’s missing from California’s community colleges?

California’s community college enrollment plummeted during the pandemic. Here are the stories of some of the students who left.

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Arts For the Schools live performances return

Arts For The Schools has returned to offering onStage Live performances, starting with QUITAPENAS, which means "to remove worries” on March 11. This band, made up of first-generation sons of immigrant parents from Guatemala and Mexico, offer tropical Afro-Latin songs …

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Book vending machine for Incline: Library expands access to books

I must admit, I have a special affinity for libraries. Ever since I learned how to read, I’ve been visiting them and even now as an adult, every time I walk into the library and come out with a handful …

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El Dorado County’s School System, Explained

Some 31,000 students attend schools in 15 districts—including the fifth smallest in the state.

Image caption: Laird defended the education budget process on the floor of the senate.
Schools Finally Get Needed Funding

EdSource spoke with Sen. John Laird Monday regarding the “historic” education funding contained in the budget the legislature had just sent to Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Image caption: California's sprawling public education system encompasses approximately 10,500 schools.
California’s Education System: How the Bureaucracy Works

How California's extensive public school system is organized and managed, explained.

Image caption: California's library system dates back 171 years.
How Cool Are Libraries?

California has gone from one library to more than 1,100 in the last 171 years.

Image caption: California’s school reopening plan was criticized for favoring wealthy, mostly white districts.
California School Reopenings, Explained

California’s plan to get schoolchildren back into classrooms after a year of distance learning is taking shape. Here’s the latest on the state’s school reopenings.

Image caption: With cases doubling within a 10-day period in the state, Governor Gavin Newsom decided it was time to take drastic action.
Winter Spike Hits Sacramento Area

While several counties were seeing a dip in COVID-19 cases and looked poised to continue reopening, colder weather changed their future.

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