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The California Voter Foundation is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that conducts research and outreach programs to better serve the needs and interests of voters.

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How Will Voters be Represented in California’s New Election Districts?

Redistricting—the redrawing of maps for congressional, legislative and local seats—is happening right now. The process has been affected by a new state law that prioritizes keeping “communities of interest” together, and also the 2019 FAIR MAPS Act, which requires public input at every step of the process.

(Oct. 14, 2021) → Read the full Monterey Herald report
770 New Laws Coming to Sacramento

While many locals were engrossed in the Dodgers-Giants first playoff game, Gov. Newsom signed his final bills for the year. In fact, he signed 770 new ones into law.

(Oct. 11, 2021) → Read the full ElkGroveNews.Net report

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Image caption: The El Dorado County D.A. and P.D. are at the heart of the criminal justice system.
El Dorado County's D.A.and Public Defender, Explained
At the center of El Dorado County's criminal justice system, the district attorney and public defender are the two lawyers who make it all work.

Image caption: Gov. Gavin News signed a broad new set of police reform laws Sept. 30.
California’s Sweeping New Police Reform Laws, Explained
Gov. Gavin Newsom and California’s Democratic legislators have enacted a sweeping new package of police reform legislation. Here’s what the new laws will accomplish, and why.

Image caption: The schoolhouse was the biggest building in Allensworth, the town founded by Col. Allen Allensworth, which is now a state park.
Civil Rights, Historical Wrongs
Sacramento-based news outlet talks to Jonathan Burgess and L. Dee Slade, both testifying before the Reparations Task Force.

Image caption: Gavin Newsom has reason to be upbeat after crushing an attempt to recall him on Sept. 14.
Recall Election Ends in Rout For Newsom, So What's Next?
Gavin Newsom's star is on the rise after a dominant victory over a recall attempt, but leading Republican candidate Larry Elder says he's only getting started.

Image caption: 41 candidates to replace Gavin Newsom already handed over their tax returns.
Judge Rules Recall Candidates Don’t Need To Reveal Tax Returns
Even though 41 candidates to replace Gavin Newsom in the Sept. 14 recall election have revealed their tax returns, a judge now says that wasn’t necessary.

Image caption: Billionaires on both sides have ponied up big bucks in California's gubernatorial recall.
Big Money Battles it Out as Recall Campaign Nears Conclusion
When California adopted the recall law 110 years ago, it was to keep big money out of politics. Now billionaire donors are dominating this year's gubernatorial recall campaign on both sides.

Image caption: Larry Elder, the frontrunner among candidates hoping to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom.
Is California’s Recall Voting Process Undemocratic?
The next governor of California could win election with far fewer votes that the incumbent governor in the state's recall vote Sept. 14. How did the recall process become so undemocratic?

Image caption: Gov. Newsom has signed a new bill to fund rural broadband access.
Rural Counties Welcome $6 Billion in State Broadband Money
After criticizing an earlier state proposal for bringing broadband to rural counties, the Rural County Representatives of California now applauds a new bill with $6 billion in funding.

Image caption: Joint Powers Authorities are important government agencies with little public accountability.
JPAs Explained: Little-Known Govt Bodies With A Big Role
Under California law, local governments may work together in a "Joint Powers Authority." But these little-known agencies can wield broad powers—even to levy taxes—with little public accountability.

Image caption: Last year, Gov. Newsom signed AB 1185. What changes has it made for sheriffs?
California's New Law To Create a Watchdog for Sheriffs, Explained
AB 1185, authorizing civilian sheriff's oversight bodies, was one of the few law enforcement reform bills to pass in the wake of the George Floyd protests. What does the law accomplish, and will it make a difference?

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