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The Nevada County Democrats focus on social, economic, and environmental justice.

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Robb Tucker Announces Campaign for Nevada County Supervisor


The Grass Valley native says his priorities if elected will be housing, public safety and emergency preparedness, maintaining the high quality of life through well-planned growth and agriculture, and supporting small businesses and economic development.

How California Lawmakers Embraced Hot Labor Summer


Unions won major victories this session on pay for fast food and health care workers, benefits for strikers and bargaining rights. Business groups say that labor has too much power at the Capitol.

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Image caption: Fewer and fewer Californians every month have health insurance due to thinning of enrollment in the state's free health plan for low-income people.
Thousands of Californians Lost Medi-Cal. Here’s What to Do Now

About 300,000 Californians have lost Medi-Cal coverage since the state resumed eligibility checks. You have options if you get a notice about your coverage.

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Placer County Elections Office to open candidate filing period for 2024 Presidential Primary Election

The March 5, 2024, Presidential Primary Election is quickly approaching — and so are some key deadlines for prospective candidates.

Image caption: Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to wait for more information before signing a bill that would remove TikTok from most state smartphones.
Newsom Halts TikTok Ban, App to Stay on State Phones

A bipartisan bill to prohibit TikTok on state phones is shelved until 2024. It had breezed through the state Legislature, but the authors want to tweak the measure. It's the latest social media regulation to get stalled in California.

Image caption: In a recent poll, 60 percent of Californians supported use of psychedelics for therapeutic purposes.
How Some Psychedelic Drugs Could Be Decriminalized in California

Psychedelics are having a moment. A nationwide push to bring magic mushrooms and other psychedelics into the mainstream is gaining traction, and some Californians want in.

Image caption: Advocates of allowing public meetings to use COVID-19 pandemic rules say they increase inclusiveness.
Pandemic Rules to Remain for Public Meetings Under New Bill

State boards are backing a bill to continue carve-outs from California’s open meetings law. An unusual coalition of good government, press, taxpayer and industry groups is fighting back.

Image caption: Almost 4 of 10 California Black women work at least two jobs and 62 percent say the second job is "essential."
Poll: California's Black Women are Overworked, Underpaid

A recent state survey reveals 2 in 3 Black women are breadwinners; 8 in 10 worry about discrimination or mistreatment and more like Gov. Gavin Newsom than Vice President Kamala Harris.

Image caption: Feud between the “blue” and “red” governors has been broiling for over a year.
Newsom Vs. DeSantis: Feuding Govs Agree to ‘Red vs. Blue’ Debate

Florida governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis finally agreed to debate California Gov. Gavin Newsom after a feud hat has lasted for more than a year and included DeSantis dumping planeloads of immigrants in Sacramento.

Image caption: Now-retired Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) was the most outspoken climate denier in Congress for many years.
10 Frequently Heard Claims Made by Climate Deniers

Here are 10 of the most often-heard climate change denial claims and arguments. Do any of them hold any water?

Image caption: The surprising history of climate change denial can be traced back to fears over nuclear war.
It Started With ‘Star Wars’: Understanding Climate Denial

To understand climate change denial, we must go back to the Ronald Reagan presidency and his proposal for the “Star Wars” space-based missile defense system.

Image caption: There won't be big changes to the way Californians vote, but expect some tinkering around the edges.
California Lawmakers Kill Bills to Make Big Election Reforms

The most sweeping bills to change California elections got shelved in the Legislature. Instead, lawmakers are focusing on ballot measure language, local redistricting, voting integrity and campaign finance tweaks before the 2024 election.

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