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The Center for Violence-Free Relationships is a crisis support nonprofit organization for children and families who has been impacted by sexual assault and domestic violence.

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How to Keep Your Cool While Sledding


Winter is in full force in Tahoe, and with it comes an influx of eager snowplayers. Dr. Targhee Oeveraas offers tips safety tips.

California Closes a Loophole


As of Jan. 1, California joined 45 other states with next-of-kin laws that designate a surrogate to make decisions on a patient’s behalf—even if that person wasn’t specifically authorized by the patient before the medical situation arose.

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How food labels cause confusion, waste

A friend called me the other day to ask if it was OK to eat the eggs in her fridge that were past their sell-by date. I asked her what the date was. It was only a few days past …

Image caption: Explaining California is hard work! But at California Local, we were up for it throughout 2022.
Explaining California in 2022: Our 10 Best Explainers of the Year

2022 was a year that needed a lot of explaining. And California Local was there. Here are our 10 most important explanatory journalism stories from the year gone by, from immigration to cryptocurrency to wealth inequality and more.

Image caption: Migrants wait in line while California border activists organize the group to enter the U.S. and seek asylum through the Chaparral entryway in Tijuana, Mexico on Dec. 22, 2022.
Border Scramble

The Supreme Court is keeping in place, for now, Title 42 — the pandemic policy that OK’d migrant expulsions. California has yet to figure out how to meet the needs of an influx of migrants when it does go away.

Image caption: The Israeli drugmaker Teva is one of three manufacturers experiencing a shortage of Amoxicillin.
Amoxicillin: Why the Popular Antibiotic is in Short Supply

Amoxicillin, the most widely prescribed antibiotic, is suddenly in short supply just as a wave of respiratory illnesses is sweeping California. What is causing the sudden shortage?

Image caption: California traffic deaths remain high, but it doesn’t have to be that way.
Why Zero Traffic Fatalities Remains a Distant Goal

California’s goal of zero traffic fatalities remains distant. Here are some common causes of deaths on the road that can be fixed, but haven’t been.

Image caption: A jigsaw puzzle of resources can help El Dorado County residents find mental health.
Finding a Light in the Dark

If you or a loved one is struggling with mental health during these uncertain times, help is available.

Image caption: Donald Trump greets Kevin McCarthy (R-CA 23) whose district includes two of California’s highest murder-rate counties.
Why Are Murder Rates High in Some Republican Counties?

Homicide rates remain high in some of California's most Republican, Trump-voting counties. Are law-and-order policies against crime a bust? Here’s why political voting patterns are a strong indicator of violent crime in states and counties.

Image caption: Bernadette Moordigian in front of the Fresno City College library on July 5, 2022.
A New State Agency Aims to Fix Rising Health Care Costs

For years, consumer advocates and some legislators have been battling to rein in escalating health care costs. Now the state has created a new agency to limit future growth in health care costs — and it will have the power …

Image caption: Californians may soon mask in public places again, as the BA.5 COVID variant sweeps the state.
What the COVID BA.5 Variant Means For California

California is headed for a new COVID surge as BA.5, the most contagious variant of the virus yet discovered, arrives in the state, apparently causing an uptick in hospitalizations and deaths.

Image caption: Justice Clarence Thomas calls for SCOTUS to pull back even more established rights after Roe v. Wade.
Why Clarence Thomas Wants to Throw Out Your Rights

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas wrote that after overturning Roe v. Wade SCOTUS must now overturn decisions allowing same-sex marriage and contraception. Here's why.


A jigsaw puzzle of resources can help El Dorado County residents find mental health.
Finding a Light in the Dark
Get help from these organizations, telephone hotlines and online resources.
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