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Historic Resources Board


• Phone: (831) 758-7976

The Historic Resources Board was created by the City Council in 2010 to protect Salinas’ architectural heritage assets for education, community revitalization and the promotion of heritage tourism. The board works to protect historic assets listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the State Historic Landmark Register, and the California Register of Historic Resources.

At least two members of the seven-member board should be qualified historians with professional credentials in prehistoric archeology, historic architecture, or architectural history.  Board members are exempt from a residency requirement; however, they should be involved in Salinas through business ownership or employment.

Past Members

Carey Pearce
Term ended: Jan. 31, 2022
Ruth Andersen
Term ended: Jan. 31, 2022
Margaret E. “Meg” Clovis
Term ended: Jan. 31, 2022
Salvador F. Muñoz
Term ended: Jan. 31, 2022
Thom Taft
Term ended: Jan. 31, 2022
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