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Address:   650 Canyon Del Rey Blvd, Del Rey Oaks, CA 93940


Located in a canyon between Seaside and Monterey, Del Rey Oaks is affected by many of the same issues as its Monterey Peninsula neighbors—in particular water politics, which played a role in the most recent City Council election. Environmental preservation is a big deal as well. The town is home to the Frog Pond Wetland Preserve, which preserves an biologically rich ecosystem, and one of the city’s popular programs is the Oak Tree Replacement Program, which saw its first 100 vouchers for free trees snapped up in just 35 days.

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City Council

The council convenes the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. Meetings can be watched on the city’s YouTube channel.

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Del Rey Oaks City Council appoints Bill Ragsdale-Cronin to a vacant seat, avoiding election.

When the four-member Del Rey Oaks City Council convened for a special meeting on Feb. 9, they were faced with two options: appoint one of two applicants to fill a vacant seat on the council created when Mayor Scott Donaldson…

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In a surprising turn, Bill Ragsdale-Cronin is appointed to Del Rey Oaks City Council.

When Del Rey Oaks City Council met Feb. 9, the four council members were faced with a stark choice: Appoint one of two applicants to fill a vacant seat on the council, or see that seat filled by voters in…

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Ragsdale-Cronin Joins Del Rey Oaks Council


The vacancy was created when then-council member Scott Donaldson was elected mayor, defeating incumbent-mayor Alison Kerr in November.

Del Rey Oaks Council Fails to Appoint New Member


After multiple rounds of voting, the council was split with Donaldson and Hallock on one side, and Uy and Shirley on the other, trying to decide between two remaining contenders.

Upcoming Meetings & Events
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City Council Meeting
Tuesday March 28 2023   6:00 PM

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