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Address:   650 Canyon Del Rey Blvd, Del Rey Oaks, CA 93940


Picture of Scott Donaldson

Councilmember Scott Donaldson

Scott Donaldson won his seat in a tight race in the 2020 general election, billing himself as a moderate choice who would “bring an impartial voice to the City Council.” Donaldson notes that he is not aligned with any political party. “I believe in responsible development with maximum public input, fiscal responsibility and government transparency, and I’m an advocate for the Pure Water Monterey expansion project,” he wrote on his campaign ad. An Army veteran, Donaldson has an engineering degree from West Point and an MBA from the University of San Francisco. A five-year veteran on the Del Rey Oaks Planning Commission, Donaldson said that his knowledge of planning requirements and processes qualifies him to lead Del Rey Oaks in future development efforts. Donaldson’s other civic engagements include his creation of the Oak Tree Replacement Program—which provides free oak trees to residents and led to nearly 130 trees being planted—the Citizens Action Group, Butterfly Garden Committee and Neighborhood Watch.

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