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Canine Companions for Independence helps enhance the lives of children, adults, and veterans with disabilities by providing them with highly trained assistance dogs.

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21,000 Fish Perished in UC Davis Lab Mishap

Researchers discovered Aug. 9 that 21,000 fish had died in their enclosures at UC Davis’ Center for Aquatic Biology and Aquaculture. Endangered or threatened native California species, including Chinook salmon and green sturgeon, were among the fish that died.

(Aug. 18, 2022) → Read the full The Sacramento Bee report
Smoke from Wildfires Puts Cats at Risk of Deadly Blood Clots

Dr. Ronald Li, a veterinarian at UC Davis, treated 23 cats rescued from the Tubbs fire in 2017. In addition to the expected traumatic injuries, something else caught Li’s attention. “We noticed clots forming within their hearts,” he said. “But at that time, we didn’t know why.”

(July 27, 2022) → Read the full Santa Cruz County Sentinel report

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Image caption: Dogs and cats will no longer be subject to cruel toxicity testing in California, under a new law.
California’s New Slate of Animal Welfare Laws

New laws banning toxicity testing on dogs and cats, and making rental housing more pet friendly are among a slate of new animal welfare legislation signed by Gov. Newsom in September.

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20-foot jump in Tahoe’s clarity predicted

Lake Tahoe’s clarity could see a 20-foot increase in clarity in the coming years following a rapid decline of the invasive Mysis shrimp, according Dr. Geoffrey Schladow on July 28. The Mysis shrimp, an invasive species introduced into Lake Tahoe …

Image caption: Tahoe Weekly offers advice on how to help protect the beloved region.
The 5 Greatest Threats to Lake Tahoe

Tahoe is majestic and awe inspiring with its jagged mountain peaks, thick forests, swift-running rivers and hundreds of glacial and alpine lakes.

Image caption: Artist's rendering of the Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing, which will be the largest in the world.
The Bridge to Coexistence

The Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing, which will help pumas in the Santa Monica Mountains cross 10 lanes of Highway 101, will be the largest in the world.

Image caption: Mountain lions and many other species are in danger from collisions with cars.
Five California Wildlife Crossings Keeping Animals Safe

California is creating wildlife crossings that can help animals get across dangerous highways without risk of death from vehicle strikes. Here are five of them.

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Avoid nesting falcons

Peregrine falcons have returned to their nest at the top of Castle Rock on Kingsbury Grade on Lake Tahoe's East Shore. In the 1970s, they were listed as an endangered species due to drastic population declines. After an extensive, world-wide …

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The majesty of Sierra Valley’s birds

A few times a year I make my way to Sierra Valley north of Truckee for a road bike ride and am always amazed by the pastoral beauty of ranches, sagebrush and marshes that provides habitat for a range of …

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Bears awakening in Tahoe

As the days become warmer, more bears are awakening from hibernation in Tahoe. Now is the time to secure garbage, install bear-proof garbage cans and become informed about bears. Secure trash | All trash should be stored in bear-resistant garbage …

Image caption:
A Modern-Day Noah’s Ark

LA Times staff writer Louis Sahagun reports from the front lines of the battle to preserve California’s most endangered species.

Image caption: RCDs look after the land, whether it’s used for grazing, growing, or getting out into nature.
California Dirt

What do resource conservation districts protect? Pretty much everything that’s worth saving.

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