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The Wilderness Land Trust “keeps the promise of wilderness” by working to transfer private land to public ownership while protecting wilderness.

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Officials Search for Gray Whale Seen Trapped in Fishing Net Off Bay Area Coast


Obstacles are mounting for officials who are attempting to rescue a young gray whale that was discovered entangled in a gillnet off Laguna Beach was recently sighted off the coast of Thornton State Beach in Daly City .

Salmon Populations Are Struggling, Bringing Economic Woes for California's Fishing Fleet


Captains of fishing boats on the California coast are bracing for salmon fishing to be severely restricted — or possibly canceled for a second year.

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Hilltromper Silicon Valley logo LOCAL NEWS
Peak Whale Watching in Northern California Can Be Now

Humpback whales return to our waters just in time for Earth Day and WhaleFest in Pacifica, while whale watchers in Monterey Bay are seeing cetaceans in droves.

Image caption: A beaver dam and pond in the eastern Sierra.
Beavers Can Help Stop Wildfires

Beavers create unburned islands where plants and animals can shelter from megafires, research has confirmed. A movement is afoot to reintroduce the rodents to the state's waterways.

Hilltromper Santa Cruz logo LOCAL NEWS
Fossil-Hunting Fun in Santa Cruz

Traces and remains of ancient creatures—from whale-ribs to a famous mastodon tooth—frequently surface on Santa Cruz beaches and in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Hilltromper Silicon Valley logo LOCAL NEWS
Science Spotlight: Banana Slug Slime

Spiky proteins called mucins allow banana slugs to crawl over all kinds of ground cover.

Hilltromper Santa Cruz logo LOCAL NEWS
What is Audubon's Christmas Bird Count and How Do I Participate?

Find out what the National Audubon Society's Christmas Bird Count is all about and learn how to participate in Santa Cruz, Monterey, and Silicon Valley.

Image caption: California is considering an end to a program that gives tax credits for cow poop–based biofuels.
Climate Credits for Cow Manure: Program May End Soon

California grants climate credits for fuel made from cow manure, but there’s a paradox: The state’s program encourages collection of methane yet promotes natural gas.

San Jose Inside logo LOCAL NEWS
Mayor, Council Members Call for Independent Study of Care at Animal Shelter

San Jose's Animal Care Center has experienced years of staffing challenges and is caring for a record number of animals amid a nationwide shelter crisis, says Mayor Matt Mahan.

Monterey County Weekly logo LOCAL NEWS
Local scientists have answered a longstanding question: What are our oldest ancestors?

From what did human life evolve from some 700 million years ago? Sponges, or comb jellies?

Morgan Hill Times logo LOCAL NEWS
Nonprofit horse rescue searches for new home

Since its founding in west Morgan Hill about six years ago, Fairytale Farm has rescued more than 250 mini-horses, ponies and donkeys that were living in unhealthy, neglectful conditions—many of whom were on their way to certain death, according to …

Image caption: The snow-lined South Fork of the American River on March 3, 2023.
Too Much, Too Early

When warm storms melt snowpack early, reservoir managers must release water to prevent flooding—which sends this precious resource into the ocean.

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