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The famed San Benito County Saddle Horse Show and Rodeo—famous for its figure-8 roping—was started in 1929 by local cattle ranchers and horse lovers.

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California Salmon Fishery to be Shut Down This Year


The salmon industry, worth about half a billion dollars, is devastated. The culprits: Drought and decades of water diversions and development.

Avian Parasite Responsible for Band-Tailed Pigeon Deaths


The California Department of Fish and Wildlife and many wildlife rehabilitation centers have received reports of sick and dead band-tailed pigeons from locations along California’s Central Coast, the San Francisco Bay Area and Sierra Nevada foothill communities.

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Image caption: The snow-lined South Fork of the American River on March 3, 2023.
Too Much, Too Early

When warm storms melt snowpack early, reservoir managers must release water to prevent flooding—which sends this precious resource into the ocean.

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Hollister Animal Care closes city’s night kennel

After a peer assessment that found night kennel services ineffective, the City of Hollister will close the local animal shelter’s night kennels as of Dec. 30, according to authorities.  The Hollister Animal Shelter earlier this year was awarded a $14,000 …

Image caption: Explaining California is hard work! But at California Local, we were up for it throughout 2022.
Explaining California in 2022: Our 10 Best Explainers of the Year

2022 was a year that needed a lot of explaining. And California Local was there. Here are our 10 most important explanatory journalism stories from the year gone by, from immigration to cryptocurrency to wealth inequality and more.

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Dead animals spark Gilroy neighbors’ concerns

A growing number of dead and mutilated animals reportedly found within a few blocks in central Gilroy over the past year have residents fearing there may be a serial abuser in the neighborhood. Gilroy Police say that of the few …

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A massive citizen science project is currently underway to count California’s monarch butterflies.

Pam Marino here, writing after taking a brisk morning walk to see the overwintering monarchs at the Pacific Grove Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. Mornings are the best time to see the clusters of butterflies in the trees, huddled together against the…

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Bird Flu detected in San Benito County

San Benito County public health officials are warning residents of the danger of handling or getting too close to diseased or dead birds after a number of positive cases of Avian Influenza have been detected here. County Health and Human …

Image caption: Dogs and cats will no longer be subject to cruel toxicity testing in California, under a new law.
California’s New Slate of Animal Welfare Laws

New laws banning toxicity testing on dogs and cats, and making rental housing more pet friendly are among a slate of new animal welfare legislation signed by Gov. Newsom in September.

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Mountain lion dies after shooting by police in Hollister

A young mountain lion that was shot by police on Aug. 26 in a residential area of Hollister died in the care of emergency veterinarians, according to authorities. The Hollister Police Department said its officers fired their weapons at the …

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Police shoot mountain lion in southeast Hollister

Police shot a wild mountain lion that charged toward officers who were trying to contain the animal in a residential area early Friday morning, according to authorities. The animal is being treated for at least one gunshot wound to its …

Image caption: Tahoe Weekly offers advice on how to help protect the beloved region.
The 5 Greatest Threats to Lake Tahoe

Tahoe is majestic and awe inspiring with its jagged mountain peaks, thick forests, swift-running rivers and hundreds of glacial and alpine lakes.

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