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A national group, RedRover helps families in crisis keep their pets, and also provide emergency sheltering assistance for animals displaced by natural disasters and rescued from hazardous situations.

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Wildlife Crossings Provide Safer Travels for All in San Benito County

Caltrans projects in Santa Cruz and Pacheco Pass will reconnect habitats and reduce animal-vehicle collisions. An underpass on Hwy. 17 will allow wildlife to reach Star Creek Ranch near highways 129 and 101. A planned tunnel under 101 will allow animals to reach more than 2,670 acres of open space.

(May 7, 2022) → Read the full Benito Link report
What to Do When You Find Juvenile Wildlife

Spring is here, which brings with it wildlife youngsters. Many people who come across young animals may think they are abandoned or injured. This is most often not the case.

(April 22, 2022) → Read the full Benito Link report

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Battle-rapper plans to bring dog rescue program to South Valley

Daniel Martinez hops out of his black Cadillac SRX and nods toward me, chatting enthusiastically on his cellphone. Around San Jose, he’s known to many as the gregarious, insult-slinging battle-rapper and podcast host Dirtbag Dan, but there’s no trace of …

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A Modern-Day Noah’s Ark

LA Times staff writer Louis Sahagun reports from the front lines of the battle to preserve California’s most endangered species.

Image caption: RCDs look after the land, whether it’s used for grazing, growing, or getting out into nature.
California Dirt

What do resource conservation districts protect? Pretty much everything that’s worth saving.

Image caption: Northern pintails and many other species of waterfowl depend on marshland in the Klamath Basin during migration.
Dying for Fresh Water

This year, an estimated 60,000 birds have been poisoned by botulism in one of the oldest waterfowl conservation reserves in the state.

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