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Who's a good group? The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals never met a four-legged (or three- or two- or one-) creature they didn't welcome with open arms.

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California Salmon Fishery to be Shut Down This Year


The salmon industry, worth about half a billion dollars, is devastated. The culprits: Drought and decades of water diversions and development.

Rare Whale Glimpsed in Monterey Bay


A whale-watching voyage yielded photographs and video of North Pacific right whale, a species nearing extinction.

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Image caption: The snow-lined South Fork of the American River on March 3, 2023.
Too Much, Too Early

When warm storms melt snowpack early, reservoir managers must release water to prevent flooding—which sends this precious resource into the ocean.

Image caption: Explaining California is hard work! But at California Local, we were up for it throughout 2022.
Explaining California in 2022: Our 10 Best Explainers of the Year

2022 was a year that needed a lot of explaining. And California Local was there. Here are our 10 most important explanatory journalism stories from the year gone by, from immigration to cryptocurrency to wealth inequality and more.

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A massive citizen science project is currently underway to count California’s monarch butterflies.

Pam Marino here, writing after taking a brisk morning walk to see the overwintering monarchs at the Pacific Grove Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. Mornings are the best time to see the clusters of butterflies in the trees, huddled together against the…

Monterey County Weekly logo LOCAL NEWS
A new study on blue whales reveals what we can learn about nature by listening carefully.

Tajha Chappellet-Lanier, unabashed (ok, slightly abashed) eavesdropper here to write in defense of listening to our environment. Turns out, there are many interesting and valuable things to be learned by eavesdropping. In this case, the target of interest is not…

Image caption: Dogs and cats will no longer be subject to cruel toxicity testing in California, under a new law.
California’s New Slate of Animal Welfare Laws

New laws banning toxicity testing on dogs and cats, and making rental housing more pet friendly are among a slate of new animal welfare legislation signed by Gov. Newsom in September.

Monterey County Weekly logo LOCAL NEWS
Sea lion mania on the Peninsula stretches into another week.

The booming, cacophonous choir of barking, burping, and baritone squealing shocks the ears from hundreds of feet away, as the wind carries an aroma of wild marine life. The eyes have been warned of the presence of sea lions, though,…

Salinas Valley Tribune logo LOCAL NEWS
112th California Rodeo Salinas draws record crowds

SALINAS VALLEY — The 112th California Rodeo Salinas entertained thousands of fans last weekend at the Salinas Sports Complex, where attendance numbers surpassed those of previous years. Total ticket sales for the 2022 rodeo’s four performances, from July 21 through …

Monterey County Weekly logo LOCAL NEWS
Pacific Grove harbor seal advocates blame city road work for failed births.

In spring of 2021, there were five failed harbor seal births among the rookeries off the coast of Pacific Grove along Ocean View Boulevard. This year, there were 23 failed births. The reason, contends veteran docent Thom Akeman, is that…

Image caption: Tahoe Weekly offers advice on how to help protect the beloved region.
The 5 Greatest Threats to Lake Tahoe

Tahoe is majestic and awe inspiring with its jagged mountain peaks, thick forests, swift-running rivers and hundreds of glacial and alpine lakes.

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