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Youth Science Institute inspires enthusiasm for science and technology learning in people of all ages. YSI offers summer camps, school programs, and science safaris to children, families, and the general public.

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Supervisors Try Again to Thwart Lehigh Operations

The Supes asked the county Planning Commission to consider whether the more than 2,100 violations accrued over 10 years were grounds to revoke Lehigh Southwest Cement Co.’s use permit.

(June 14, 2022) → Read the full Los Altos Town Crier report
Decade of Violations Documented at Lehigh-Permanente Quarry and Cement Plant

A controversial Santa Clara County cement plant has accumulated more than 2,100 violations from different regulatory agencies over the past decade, according to a new report.

(May 25, 2022) → Read the full San Jose Spotlight report

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New Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Give Better Understanding of Ocean

Oceans cover most of the Earth, but ever since our prehistoric ancestors flopped onto land 375 million years ago, we’ve been a little out of touch—the vast majority of the sea remains unexplored.  It’s hard to protect something you know …

Image caption: Historically dry conditions appear likely to lead to another summer of fire in California.
California Wildfire Season 2022: Here's What to Expect

The 2022 California wildfire season looks like another dangerous one, with the state's historic drought showing no signs of letting up. Here's what to expect, and some measures the state is taking to slow down the flames.

Metro Silicon Valley logo LOCAL NEWS
Negative Impacts on Local Wildlife Scare Experts

On the morning of June 6, Rebecca Dmytryk, CEO of Humane Wildlife Control, got sad news from Santa Cruz County officials. A cougar had been reported dead in the Santa Cruz Mountains near a creek, and they wondered if she …

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City Declares Water Safe to Drink

Gilroy's drinking water supply is now safe for consumption again, according to the city's public works department. Public Works Director Daryl Jordan said June 17 the state's Division of Drinking Water has determined that previous restrictions may now be rescinded …

Gilroy Dispatch logo LOCAL NEWS
High Nitrate Levels Found in Gilroy Well

City officials shut down a well in east Gilroy June 16 after crews discovered its water had high levels of the dangerous nitrate chemical. The city issued a drinking water warning in the evening when a routine test of the …

Image caption: Artist's rendering of the Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing, which will be the largest in the world.
The Bridge to Coexistence

The Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing, which will help pumas in the Santa Monica Mountains cross 10 lanes of Highway 101, will be the largest in the world.

Metro Silicon Valley logo LOCAL NEWS
Santa Clara County Adopts Tough Water Restrictions

State and local agencies gave water users across drought-stricken California one week’s notice before new (and in some cases unprecedented) water restrictions took effect. Locally, the Santa Clara Valley Water District adopted tough restrictions on water use as of June …

Image caption: Mountain lions and many other species are in danger from collisions with cars.
Five California Wildlife Crossings Keeping Animals Safe

California is creating wildlife crossings that can help animals get across dangerous highways without risk of death from vehicle strikes. Here are five of them.

Gilroy Dispatch logo LOCAL NEWS
Expansion to Increase South County Recycled Water Capacity

An expansion project underway at the South County Regional Wastewater plant will increase the treatment facility’s capacity by nearly 30%, bring advanced technology to the local recycled water production system, tighten South Valley’s commitment to sustainability and help accommodate the …

Image caption: The Hanford Viaduct, the largest structure of the High Speed Rail project currently under construction, will span more than a mile in length.
California Needs to Get Serious About Public Transportation

Unless the governor and Legislature address flaws in the way the state plans for and develops public transit and rail projects, California’s ambitious climate-related goals cannot be realized.

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