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The association aims to preserve, protect and restore the diversity of native plants in California’s grasslands—the most threatened ecosystem in the state. The organization provides educational programs, training, and field experiences for members and the general public to accomplish its goals.

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Monarch Butterfly Experts Criticize Tropical Milkweed Ban

Marin, Contra Costa, San Mateo and Ventura counties have prohibited nurseries from selling a species of tropical milkweed species after the California Department of Agriculture recategorized it as a noxious weed. But some experts say the focus should be on larger threats such as pesticide and herbicide use.

(Sept. 22, 2022) → Read the full Santa Cruz County Sentinel report
Marina Seeks to Uncover Source of Long-Complained-About Odor

The city of Marina will consider two actions at its next city council meeting to find the source of a smell that has long eluded detection.

(Sept. 19, 2022) → Read the full Monterey Herald report

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Image caption: It may not seem like it, but California has too many parking spaces.
New Housing and Climate Law Cuts Back on Parking Spaces

There's too much parking! Why a new law, AB 2097, cutting back on parking space requirements in new housing and business developments could be a game changer for the climate, and the housing crisis.

Image caption: Moss Landing in Monterey Bay is the world’s largest battery storage facility for solar and other renewable energy.
Solar Power and California’s Clean Energy Goals

Solar power, and a network of giant battery storage facilities, are playing an essential role in moving California toward its goal of exclusive reliance on renewable energy sources.

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Carmel City Council majority seeks to douse wood-burning beach fires in favor of propane.

Wood-burning fires on Carmel Beach has been a burning issue in Carmel for over a decade and the Carmel City Council has logged more hours in hearings on it than on probably any other contentious issue. Residents are split between…

Image caption:
Can California Really Make its Power Grid 100% Green?

New legislation accelerates California's self-mandate to convert to a carbon-free electrical grid by 2045. But can the state actually do it?

Image caption: Dig into daily tips provided by two master gardeners.
Welcome to Sacramento Digs Gardening

We’ve made our proprietary content management platform available for fellow publishers.

Image caption: Electric cars charging up will be a common sight in California by 2035.
California Bans Sales of Gasoline Cars by 2035: Here’s What it Means

California will ban sales of gasoline vehicles starting in 2035, phasing in electric cars each year until 100 percent of new car sales will be EVs under the new requirements. Here's what it means for you.

Image caption: Pres. Joe Biden (r) signed the Inflation Reduction Act, which includes incentives for clean energy.
How the Inflation Reduction Act Will Save You Money

The new Inflation Reduction Act offers substantial cash savings to California homeowners who convert to clean energy by using heat pumps, solar panels and electric vehicles.

Image caption: Edward C. Hyatt hydroelectric plant was forced to shut down due to low water levels in Lake Oroville reservoir.
Is Hydroelectric Energy Really Clean? It’s Complicated

Hydroelectric is widely thought of as renewable energy that can help California achieve its climate goals. But the state doesn't even count large hydro plants toward its goal of 100 percent renewable electricity sources.

Image caption: J and K streets in downtown Sacramento during the Great Flood of 1862. Another great flood could be on the way.
California Megastorm: The Real Risk of a ‘Biblical’ Flood

The chances of a 'biblical' megastorm devastating California have doubled over the past century, thanks to climate change, a new study warns. And as the globe continues to warm, the possibility of disaster only gets worse.

Image caption: The McKinney Fire quickly became California's worst blaze of 2022.
McKinney Fire: Did Logging Restrictions Cause the Inferno?

Was the deadly McKinney Fire made worse by the decline of commercial logging, or were factors such as poor forest management and climate change more important in causing the fire to explode in Siskiyou County?

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