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Image caption: California has a goal of 6 million heat pumps cooling and heating buildings by 2030.
6 Million New Heat Pumps: Essential to California's Climate Future

Heat pumps, an energy-efficient way to both heat and cool homes, are a necessary element of California's climate goal of net zero carbon emissions. Here's what they are, how they work, and how to get one.

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State Certifies Scotts Valley’s Housing Element on First Try

During a report at the April 3 Council meeting, Scotts Valley City Manager Mali LaGoe announced the California Department of Housing and Community Development had certified its Housing Element—on its first try.

California’s Insurance Crisis: Interview With Deputy Insurance Commissioner Michael Soller

In part II of "Have you Been Canceled?", a look at California's homeowner's insurance crisis, Rachel Anne Goodman talks with Deputy Insurance Commissioner and spokesperson for Commissioner Ricardo Lara, Michael Soller. She asks him about the proposed fixes coming from …

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‘Bleak’ Outlook for Santa Cruz County Budget

A proposed budget for 2025 cuts money for road repairs. Storms in 2023 caused about $140 million in damage to county-maintained roads, county staff said. (Jesse Kathan — Santa Cruz Local file)
SANTA CRUZ >> The financial toll of natural …

California’s Insurance Crisis Hits Homeowners Hard

In this program, State Senator John Laird and Executive Director of Consumer Watchdog, Carmen Balber discuss California's homeowner's insurance crisis and whether Commissioner Ricardo Lara's proposed fixes will actually help the flight of insurance companies from the state or make …

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Big Basin Redwoods State Park Update

California State Parks staff continues to move forward with the Big Basin Redwoods State Park Facilities Management Plan (BBFMP). Site planning and design considerations are in the works with the Reimagining Big Basin project team engaging stakeholders and the public …

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Proposed Fishing Bans Spark Debate in Santa Cruz County

A fishing ban is set to be considered in two areas off the Santa Cruz County coast, including Pleasure Point. (Kara Meyberg Guzman — Santa Cruz Local file, flight courtesy of LightHawk)
SANTA CRUZ >> As kelp forests in some …

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Californians Face Higher Costs for Goods and Services Than Before the Pandemic Despite Inflation Slowing

The consumer price index shows services are mostly responsible for persistent inflation, but prices for food and other goods in California remain high.

Capt. Pete Bethune: The Indiana Jones of Endangered Species

Capt. Pete Bethune:  The Indiana Jones of Endangered Species
Celebrating Be Bold America!’s 5th-year Anniversary!
Back by popular demand! One of the most listened to “Be Bold America!” programs in five years.
If you missed it, here is another chance! …

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Rules for Rainy Season Riding

Rain is good. Eroded trails aren't. Santa Cruz Mountains Trail Stewardship trail director Drew Perkins explains how to be a force for good and not evil when mountain biking after rain.

Image caption: Long-duration energy storage, such as this thermal energy storage facility, allows renewable energy sources to operate at full capacity without overloading the power grid.
How California Leads the Race For Long Duration Energy Storage

Long-duration energy storage is essential if renewables are to become the basis for a future, carbon-neutral power grid. Here's how California is leading the race to store energy from solar, wind, and other clean sources for use whenever it's needed.

Fighting Climate Change One Home At A Time – Jennie Dusheck and Lauren Weston

Host Mathilde Rand meets with Jennie Dusheck, career science writer and Lauren Weston, Executive Director of Acterra: Action for a Healthy Planet. They discuss opportunities to fight climate change by electrifying homes.
Links to informational websites:
QuitCarbon is a good …

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