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California Had Third-Largest Inflow of Residents in 2022


About 475,000 people moved to the Golden State in 2022. That's the third-highest number of people moving to a state in the U.S., trailing only Texas and Florida.

Cops Nab Two for Stealing $9.5 Million in Big Box Merchandise


Two people in the Los Angeles area have been arrested for stealing $9.5 million worth of electronics, shoes and other items. This comes on the heels of a successful raid where the CHP recovered $9 million more of stolen merchandise.

White House Allocates Millions for Burps from California Cows


Livestock are responsible for half of all methane emissions in California. The White House is giving $21.4 million to California Dairies and $22.8 million to Dairy Farmers of America to help change this.

Small SoCal City Calls for Cease-Fire in Gaza


The Southern California city of Cudahy passed a resolution on Nov. 7 demanding a cease-fire in Gaza and declaring that the Israeli government was taking retributive action for a Hamas attack. With its action, Cudahy became the first city in Southern California to support Palestinians in Gaza.

Hundreds to Gather at Alcatraz at Sunrise on Thanksgiving


Hundreds of people are expected at Alcatraz on Thanksgiving morning to commemorate Native Americans occupying the island from 1969-71. The event is known as the Indigenous Peoples Sunrise Gathering.

Inmate Calls to be Free in Los Angeles County Starting Dec. 1


Families of people in jail or prison sometimes pay exorbitant amounts to accept phone calls from their incarcerated loved ones. Starting Dec. 1, these calls will be free in Los Angeles County.

UC Davis Study Posits Why People Get Headaches From Wine


A UC Davis study suggests that some people might get headaches from drinking wine due to an antioxidant, quercetin, that affects alcohol metabolism. This antioxidant is healthy on its own but can sometimes spur headaches when mixed with alcohol.

Drink Tahoe Tap Map Shows Where to Fill Up


In preparation for the single-use plastic bottle ban South Lake Tahoe will implement in 2024, Take Care Tahoe has released a new Drink Tahoe Tap Map that lists locations where people can freely fill up reusable water bottles.

SoCal Water District Faces $300M Budget Shortfall


The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is getting a $100 million loan to help cover a shortfall more than three times as large. The district also may change how it charges its more than 19 million customers for water.

Data Shows Four Cities in California Among Worst for Holiday Travel


A new study by Forbes shows that four cities in the Golden State—Los Angeles, Fresno, San Diego and Sacramento—are among the 21 worst cities in the United States for holiday travel. Forbes looked at a variety of factors including car accidents, hotel prices and air travel.

Eshoo to Not Seek Reelection


Rep. Anna Eshoo, who has served in Congress more than 30 years and represents Silicon Valley, announced that she will not seek reelection and is retiring. Eshoo, a Democrat who turns 81 on Dec. 13, said in a video that her heart is filled with gratitude.

CA Lottery Director Gives Notice


Alva Johnson, director of the California State Lottery has given his two weeks’ notice. Johnson had arrived in 2019, a year after a whistleblower complaint helped spur a reckoning for the agency.

One of Largest Cannabis Distribution Companies in State Goes Up in Smoke


HERBL, one of California’s biggest cannabis companies, collapsed earlier this year. The company, which sold $700 million of cannabis last year, reportedly shorted the state $17 million in taxes.

Creative Architecture Thrives in Los Angeles


With its hilly terrain, parts of Los Angeles aren’t always the easiest to build in. But that didn’t stop an architect from building a unique structure in Silver Lake.

OpenAI Employees Threaten to Quit En Masse Following Sam Altman’s Firing


Hundreds of OpenAI workers signed a letter threatening to quit if the company’s entire board didn’t resign and if two former executives weren’t brought back. This came after the board fired one of the execs, Sam Altman, who then joined the other exec, Greg Brockman, at Microsoft.

Schwarzenegger Rules Out U.S. Senate Bid, Talks California


Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger met Nov. 17 with Sacramento press corps members. He ruled out a U.S. Senate bid, saying the only thing he was interested in running for was president, while acknowledging he can’t do this because he was born in Austria.

School Board Members Who Banned Pride Flag Face Recall Campaign


Two members of the Sunol Glen Unified School District board have been served with recall notices. This came after the board approved a resolution that banned schools in the Alameda County district from flying the LGBTQ+ pride flag.

Oakland A’s Are Relocating to Las Vegas


Three years after the NFL's Raiders abandoned Oakland for Las Vegas, MLB's Oakland A's announced they're moving there too. The owners of the teams unanimously approved the MLB team’s move.

Flooded California Towns Got Millions in Aid. But Residents, State at Odds Over How to Spend it


Residents of Planada and Pajaro want state aid to help alleviate debt incurred from rebuilding after January floods. Local officials want some money to go elsewhere.

As Storms Hit California, Reservoirs are Healthy. But Water Forecast Remains Unclear


Unlike a year ago, water storage is above average. Whether the year is wet or dry, though, remains uncertain despite El Niño conditions.