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Community Alliance with Family Farmers is a California-based nonprofit that advocates for sustainable agriculture.

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Cool Pavement Funding Announced


The City of Davis will receive $24M in federal funding for roadway upgrades utilizing cool pavement technology and other roadway rehabilitation projects.

California Snowpack Above Average for a Second Year


The California Department of Water Resources announced the water content of the Sierra Nevada snowpack at 110% of the April 1 average.

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Nonprofit Sector Report Released

The Yolo Community Foundation’s 2024 State of the Yolo Nonprofit Sector report showed that growth in nonprofit organizations’ expenses outpaced growth in revenues again last yearOriginal article published at West Sacramento News-Ledger

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Yolo County and Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps Clean Tule Canal

Yolo County Department of Community Services’ Integrated Waste Management Division Teams up with SRCC to Preserve Natural BeautyOriginal article published at West Sacramento News-Ledger

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Californians Face Higher Costs for Goods and Services Than Before the Pandemic Despite Inflation Slowing

The consumer price index shows services are mostly responsible for persistent inflation, but prices for food and other goods in California remain high.

Image caption: Long-duration energy storage, such as this thermal energy storage facility, allows renewable energy sources to operate at full capacity without overloading the power grid.
How California Leads the Race For Long Duration Energy Storage

Long-duration energy storage is essential if renewables are to become the basis for a future, carbon-neutral power grid. Here's how California is leading the race to store energy from solar, wind, and other clean sources for use whenever it's needed.

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Yolo County Landfill Offering Solutions for Holiday Waste

Yolo County Residents Given OptionsOriginal article published at West Sacramento News-Ledger

Image caption: Ocean waves may be good for more than surfing. They may play a role in reducing California's greenhouse gas emissions.
California Looks to Ocean Waves For New Clean Energy Source

Only a few small demonstration projects off the West Coast have harnessed the power of waves and tides. Costs are high and hurdles are challenging.

Image caption: Even as the state has set ambitious clean energy goals, California is once again slashing incentives for rooftop solar power.
California Slashes Rooftop Solar Incentives—Again

The utilities commission reduced payments to apartments, schools and businesses selling solar power to the grid despite a barrage of criticism. Commissioners say it reverses unfair subsidies.

Image caption: A definitive federal report says California’s economy suffers more than almost all states from the effects of climate change.
California Among Top 5 Worst Climate Change States, Report Says

California ranks among the top states suffering economic damage from climate-related disasters. The report describes food shortages, floods, droughts, wildfires, pollution, disease—all linked to climate change.

Image caption: California is considering an end to a program that gives tax credits for cow poop–based biofuels.
Climate Credits for Cow Manure: Program May End Soon

California grants climate credits for fuel made from cow manure, but there’s a paradox: The state’s program encourages collection of methane yet promotes natural gas.


Dairy products are California’s top agricultural commodity, but the industry is often criticized for its impact on the environment.
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