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When news broke in 2017 that two California condors made the first known nest of wild-born condors since 1985, thus furthering the return of the near-extinct species, it was the wildlife biologists of Ventana Wildlife Society who were credited with tracking and spotting the nest in the Big Sur wilderness. This chick was the first second-generation wild-born condor in decades.

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Civil Grand Jury Issues Report on Monterey Regional Airport


Following a noise complaint, the Monterey County Civil Grand Jury investigated and released a report with recommendations for the Monterey Regional Airport.

Who Killed CA Utility Bill Legislation?


A bill to rein in a proposed monthly fee on California electric bills would let California’s largest for-profit utility companies charge customers $24 per month — with fees as low as $6 for lower-income customers — as a kind of membership fee for the power grid.

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A Comprehensive Study of Unsustainable Groundwater Pumping in the County Is Cause for Alarm.

On May 9, staff from the Salinas Valley Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency presented its board a long-awaited study about the so-called Deep Aquifers, which have been increasingly mined in recent years as seawater intrusion marches inland toward the city of…

Organic Rising: Central Coast Farmers Featured in New Film

Anthony Saua, director of Organic Rising, talks about the rise of organic agriculture and its importance to health, the environment and slowing global warming,

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Farmworker Housing Study Oversight Committee Convenes to Review Progress

CENTRAL COAST — Despite significant progress since the release of a landmark 2018 farmworker housing study quantifying critically overcrowded housing conditions for agricultural workers in the region, thousands more homes are needed to relieve severe overcrowding, unaffordable rents and ensure …

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Joby Aviation Is Building for a Future in the Air, and Marina Is an Important Part of That Picture.

Joby Aviation sees the future of mobility as up in the air—not figuratively, but literally.

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Pinnacles National Park Takes on Massive Paving Project This Spring, Early Summer

SOLEDAD — Pinnacles National Park will break ground on a park-wide paving project beginning at the end of April, resulting in some closures for visitors during the late spring and early summer period.

Image caption: California has a goal of 6 million heat pumps cooling and heating buildings by 2030.
6 Million New Heat Pumps: Essential to California's Climate Future

Heat pumps, an energy-efficient way to both heat and cool homes, are a necessary element of California's climate goal of net zero carbon emissions. Here's what they are, how they work, and how to get one.

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When Will Highway 1 Reopen in Big Sur? Caltrans Projects Fall 2024 for Passage Through All Slides.

One scenic stretch of highway through Big Sur, four current blockage points.

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Scheid Family Wines Enters 7th Year of 100% Wind-Powered Wines

SALINAS VALLEY — This Earth Month, Scheid Family Wines celebrates nearly seven years of being 100% powered by renewable wind energy.

California’s Insurance Crisis Hits Homeowners Hard

In this program, State Senator John Laird and Executive Director of Consumer Watchdog, Carmen Balber discuss California's homeowner's insurance crisis and whether Commissioner Ricardo Lara's proposed fixes will actually help the flight of insurance companies from the state or make …

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Salinas Valley Recycles Unveils Education Center and Garden Near Gonzales

GONZALES — Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority, aka Salinas Valley Recycles (SVR), will celebrate the grand opening of its new Education Center and Garden near Gonzales this Saturday in conjunction with the Youth Council’s year-end community project — a Sustainability …


Water is a human right under California law, but it doesn’t always work out that way.
Agriculture and Water Shortages in the State’s Breadbasket, Explained
There are many causes contributing to this crisis. And as you may already know, this situation really is nuts.
RCDs look after the land, whether it’s used for grazing, growing, or getting out into nature.
California Dirt
RCDs were created to avoid a repeat of the Dust Bowl. Now they work with landowners to preserve the air, water and natural habitats that sustain us all.
Moss Landing in Monterey Bay is the world’s largest battery storage facility for solar and other renewable energy.
Solar Power and California’s Clean Energy Goals
How the sun is helping push the state toward 100 percent renewable energy.
Dairy products are California’s top agricultural commodity, but the industry is often criticized for its impact on the environment.
Sustainable Sustenance
Greener ways to feed the world’s growing population
How California reclamation districts turned millions of acres of wetlands into fertile agricultural land, starting in the earliest days of the Gold Rush.
Reclamation Districts: Turning ‘Swamps’ Into Farmland
From its earliest days as a state, California has been trying to turn marshes into productive land.
Long-duration energy storage, such as this thermal energy storage facility, allows renewable energy sources to operate at full capacity without overloading the power grid.
How California Leads the Race For Long Duration Energy Storage
For renewable energy sources such as solar and wind to be viable, ways to store the power they create are essential.
California has a goal of 6 million heat pumps cooling and heating buildings by 2030.
6 Million New Heat Pumps: Essential to California's Climate Future
Installing 6 million heat pumps by 2030 is essential if California is to reach its goal of net zero carbon emissions.
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