Short Video: Wes Anderson's 1st Oscar

PUBLISHED MAR 13, 2024 2:30 P.M.
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ICYMI: We take it as part of our mission here at CALocal to celebrate the various ways California brings good things to the world—realizing that sometimes means bucking headwinds of negativity. Like many of you, I was reminded over the past couple weeks that Hollywood (California's most glamorous company town) creates important works of art that can inspire passion and delight. One such work is Wes Anderson's 31-minute film The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar.

The quirky and beloved auteur won his first Oscar Sunday night for this live action short, which is based on a magical story by Roald Dahl. Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Henry, who learns a mental trick from a guru (Ben Kingsley) and trains himself to see without using his eyes. Of course he gets enourmously wealthy by cheating at cards, and ... that's all you'll get from me. It's good. And so's this short (3:29) "Making of ..." video. 

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