Fire Department


Department head: Rick Bartee, Fire Chief

Administrative headquarters: 316 Vernon St, Suite 480, Roseville, CA 95678

(916) 774-5800 (for emergencies, call 911)

The Roseville Fire Department operates out of eight fire stations that are situated with the goal of responding within 6-1/2 minutes after a request to 911 is made. Each station houses a fire engine, the most versatile apparatus in Roseville’s fleet. Each fire engine has a captain who supervises the assigned personnel, an engineer that drives the truck and operates the fire pump, and a firefighter-paramedic who performs firefighting and life-saving skills.

Two of the fire stations also house a fire truck, which carries a variety of specialized tools, such as additional ladders and the “jaws of life,” which help free victims trapped in or under a vehicle after an automobile accident. A ladder truck is staffed with a captain, an engineer, and two firefighter-paramedics.

Several fire stations also have smaller wildland fire engines designed to operate off-road. Typically, these are only in-service during the summer months, when wildland fires pose the most danger.

The department also has a battalion chief at Fire Station 1 job whose job is to command major incidents.

Every firefighter is certified as a paramedic or emergency medical technician, and there is one paramedic on every response unit.

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